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Donuts For Dessert


fun wedding photo @weddingchicks

This gorgeous shoot is packed full of fun, prettiness, and, you guessed it, doughnuts! These doughnuts aren't your ordinary doughnuts either, they're each a little piece of lovely tastiness fromĀ Lottie's Doughnuts.
If you don't like wedding cake it doesn't mean you can't have a cake-shaped pile of sweetness to enjoy, and this shoot is here to inspire you and your taste buds. Feast your eyes on this entire "doughnuts for dessert" shoot when you click here to see the full gallery, photographed by Marilyn Bartman.

fun donut dessert bar @weddingchicks

donut ring @weddingchicks

little rose bouquet @weddingchicks

Lottie's Donuts

Lottie's Doughnuts is the first handmade gourmet doughnut company of The Netherlands. We used the garden of the bride's family home. She grew up in a small village close to Amsterdam. The village is surrounded by the typical Dutch landscape of fields and canals which made for a beautiful setting.

donut dessert table @weddingchicks

delicious donuts @weddingchicks

raspberry glazed donut @weddingchicks

Donut Flavors

The doughnut cake contains five layers of freshly handmade doughnuts. The glazes used in this cake is a small selection of flavors that Lottie's offers. In the cake are the following used: Simply delish (sugar glaze), MMMaple Bliss, Bloomin' Lovely Blueberry, Chocoholic, Totally CocoNuts.

donut tower @weddingchicks

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