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Don't Press Play if You're Easily Offended!

Ever sat through a wedding video that put you to sleep? Why not make your wedding video into your own reality show? Your family isn't perfect. The cake fell over. Who cares? What makes your video fun is that it showcases all of it.
Julie and Dan were married this fall in Buffalo at the scenic Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. Knowing their friends and family, they were sure it would NOT result in a politically correct video. So if you are the PC type, by all means, do not press play on the video below. But, if you love a dose of reality and humor with your romance, check out the video of their wedding.

One thing is sure, nobody was bored at their wedding. So if you want to capture the fun of your big day make sure your friends capture all the behind the scenes goofiness (and drunkenness) on video. Then you'll have the same response as Julie after seeing your video, "Holy crap, you are a rock star!!!!"