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Don’t Just Hold Your Flowers ... Wear them!

succulent necklace

Are you an offbeat bride that is looking for something a bit nontraditional, but beautiful all in the same moment? We say, or rather Flowers At Will says, "Don’t just hold your flowers… Wear them!" And we whole heartily agree that adding wearable floral art to your wedding look is a fantastic idea.
To show you how it is done, we have a talented group of Boise, Idaho wedding vendors that will inspire you to not only hold your wedding flowers, but wear them too. So, prepare yourself for some gorgeousness! To see the entire gallery, with more stylish and stunning bridal looks, pretty flowers, and fancy dresses click here, captured with perfection by Tana Photography.

bridal wedding ideas

succulent necklace

succulent wedding necklace

words from the vendor

Will Heatter, Owner of Flowers At Willl: When we were young, we used to peg our pants, slip on our L.A. Gear high tops, and accessorize with our Trapper Keepers. We were trying to fit in; to be cool by being like everyone else. Then we grew up and realized the very things that made us unique were being suffocated by following the crowd. So let everyone else jump off the bridge together. We won't stand for that.

At Flowers at Will, we buck trends. We don't just wander aimlessly on someone else's path, we blaze our own. We take risks because they are ours to take. We live our lives outside the box, embracing the uniqueness of outward thinking. We don't follow trends, we create them. So of course, Flowers At Willl doesn't just design flowers and plants, we wear them. Be bold. Take risks. Don’t just hold your flowers… Wear them!

ballerina wedding dress

head piece made of flowers

rosy high-low gown

When planning this styled shoot, Brandi Reiland of Soiree Weddings and Events, and I envisioned three looks that were wedding gown-driven. We wanted to keep it more minimal than past shoots so we chose an open space with natural light. We both love the creations of custom designer Wedding Gowns by Daci and the lovely floral and succulents from Flowers At Will.

We designed three looks around Daci's gowns: classic and traditional, feminine and romantic, and also a lively look with birdcages and feathered eyelashes. The day was photographed in available light to bring out the texture in the dresses and the lovely look of the makeup by Gabrielle Marcantonio.

pink rose petal sweetheart gown

pink rose petal gown detail

romantic bridal looks with floral hairpiece

wearable floral art

Before we go we have a few more ideas for you on how you can incorporate wearable floral art into your wedding. To start out  have Miranda's bouquet that matches her floral crown, it really does add such a romantic touch. See the rest of their whimsical wedding here photographed by Pacific Northwest wedding photographer Lora Grady.

floral crown and matching wedding bouquet

floral wedding sash

Instead of a bow sash, try a floral sash like the one below. Designed by Birch Blooms and photographed by Melissa Schollaert Photography. You can see the entire feature here. For your bridesmaids instead of a floral crown, try a living floral barrette. You can see more of this feature along with more wearable floral art over at Ruffled Blog here. Photographed by Maria Mack.

floral barrette

bridesmaid wedding hairstyle ideas

Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers designed our next two wearable floral art. We can so see your bridesmaids with this simple yet elegant hairstyle done by Aubrey Nelson and photographed by Jessica Peterson.
Ok ... more than likely we will not see your groom or his men sporting a floral beard around town, but none the less you have to admit it is rather creative. Photographed by Ashley Thalman.

floral beard

casual wrist corsage

Check out this Palm Springs pool side wedding here, where the bride wore a floral corsage instead of holding a wedding bouquet.
Be sure to dress up your best friend at your wedding with a floral crown or floral necklace. We are super in love with the puppy below and his wild flower wreath. Have we inspired you to wear your flowers other than in your hair ... or what?

dog with floral crown

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