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DIY Scrabble Glass Charms


DIY Scrabble Glass Charms

Now that you've made a fabulous DIY Glittered Gold Serving Tray and glamorous DIY Gold Honeycomb Martini Glasses, it's time to add the final touch — DIY Scrabble Glass Charms. You certainly don't want your guests to forget which glass is theirs, right? These charms are the perfect detail to add a bit of whimsy to your event while also serving as a great conversational piece. For their party, Liz and Ryan chose tiles from an old scrabble so each guest got a charm that corresponded to the first letter of their name ... this way no one will forget whose glass was whose. Learn how to create your own DIY Scrabble Glass Charms from the simple steps below!

DIY Scrabble Glass Charms supplies

DIY Scrabble Glass Charms supplies:
Scrabble Tiles, Divine Twine™ Bakers Twine, drill, 5/64" drill bit & needle (not pictured)

DIY Scrabble Glass Charms steps

Step #1: Place the Scrabble tiles on a scrap piece of wood — this prevents you from accidentally drilling holes on your work space. Then, drill a hole into the corner of each scrabble tile.
Step #2: Next you're going to a cut piece of twine for each tile, approximately 12 inches long.
Step #3: Fold the twine in half to form a loop. Using a needle, push the loop through the hole in the Scrabble tile.
Step #4: Thread the two loose ends of the twine through the loop and pull tight.
Step #5: All that is left to do is to tie the charm onto your glasses and cut off the excess twine.
Now that you've created a serving tray, martini glasses and cute glass charms there's obviously only one thing left to! If you missed either of the previous projects from this DIY trio given to us by Liz and Ryan you can see the DIY Glittered Gold Serving Tray here and the DIY Gold Honeycomb Martini Glasses here.

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