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DIY Floral Crown

diy floral wreath

How much did you love all those incredibly beautiful fresh floral wedding halos? Super pretty ... right? Keeping with the wedding florals for your hair, we have the extraordinary talented Jade Rose back, you may have remembered her from that super fun Do-It-Yourself Art Deco Ring project.
Well, she is back with another fabulous yet incredibly stylish diy project. This time she is teaching us how to make a diy floral crown. Follow her easy instructions and you too create your own stunning floral crown.

diy wedding halo

wedding halo floral supplies

Supplies: First off you are going to want to collect all  your materials, both old and new. Jade Rose collected a variety of feathers through the years from Etsy and eBay. You can find so many suppliers, just search for millinery supply stores or online. Choose your color palette and start laying out your supplies piece by piece so you can begin to conceptualize in your head what you want your halo to look like.
Next you are going to want to create a halo buy measuring the floral wire to your head, cut the wire two inches longer than what your head measures at. These extra two inches allow you to create loops for closing the wire and give some extra room for comfort.  Just like the example below.

diy floral crown

diy floral crown

Next you are going to want to cover your wire with a fabric of choice if you what to hide it from beneath the feathers and flowers, if you want a more rustic look you can skip this part. Jade Rose used a scarp piece of vintage tulle to wrap around the wire, as you see above.
After you have covered your halo in fabric you will begin to add the base texture to your halo, this will be any material you want to have behind your flowers to help fill in space and add some volume. Jade chose ostrich feathers an peacock feathers. She secured the feathers by wrapping cotton sewing thread around their base, securely looping them around the wire. If you want to add glue to the wires before placing the feathers that will create extra security, but can easily become messy.

diy floral crown

Now it's time to add your flowers! Most millinery flowers come attached to wire, so be sure to wrap the wire of the flower around the floral wire halo base. The feather flowers were handmade by Jade so they did not have wire, next you are going to want to glue them to the halo and then hand stitch them onto the tulle. Continue this step with all of the flowers you want to add to your halo.
Fill in any spaces you see by gluing your extra feathers an fabric into these spots, and voila!! Wear this baby to the next summer wedding you're attending or even to your own wedding. Mini versions of this can easily be made for flower girls and bridesmaids following the same step but using much smaller flowers. To learn more about this Portland, wardrobe stylist freelancer, fashion designer extraordinaire click hereDIY Floral Crown

diy floral crown

floral wedding halo

diy floral halo crown

Photography: Anthem Photography

Make Up: Kendra Stanton of Citizens of BeautyManicure: Tara at Skin Tight Spa