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DIY Easy Floral Arrangement

DIY Easy Floral Arrangement

Spring brings so many wonderful things including an endless variety of colorful fresh blooms. Why not take advantage and make a floral arrangement this weekend to brighten up your house?
You could also use this technique to make your own centerpieces at your bridal shower or wedding. A special thanks to Mayhar design for teaching us the proper technique to make a floral arrangement. There is definitely a method and a skill set involved in creating a lovely arrangement.

DIY Easy Floral Arrangement

Event Design: Mayhar

Tips to keep in mind:
When selecting your “ingredients” you want to pick a variety of types, textures and colors that offer diversity but also compliment each other. I love to use leafy greens as my space fillers, “pods” or berries to add interest & charm, and deliberately selected flowers to create beautifully colored focal points. If you are feeling intimidated by the process and nervous about your selections, always ask the florist for advice. You just may learn some wonderful new tricks! Read on to learn how to make our own easy floral arrangement.

You will simply need:
1 bunch of seeded eucalyptus
1 bunch of trachelium
1 bunch of dahlias
1 bunch of berzelia berries
1 small vase Scissors or flower shears

1. Start with your leafy seeded eucalyptus. Trim the stems so that the seeds start right at the top of your vase and droop lightly over the edges. You will want to pull the majority of the leaves from the stem, as it decreases the cluttered leafy look and allows space for your flowers.

2. Next, clip your berzelia berry stems so that they extend 3-4 inches over the vase. Evenly disperse them throughout the eucalyptus. They should be slightly shorter and more rigid than the flimsy greens.

3. Do the same with the trachelium. The key is to fill in the blank holes and create various levels and dimensions throughout the arrangement. You want to see different textures and colors both internally and externally, throughout the arrangement.

4. Finish up by placing the brightly colored dahlias strategically throughout the vase.

5. Now, make your final tweaks. You may want to pull various stems out a bit, or push certain pieces back towards the center, depending on how tight of an arrangement you prefer.