Dinosaur Bone Rings Are Real - And You Need One Right Now


Dinosaur Bone Rings Are Real Sponsored by Jewelry by JohanPhoto:

So, who else can’t wait for June 22nd? Since seeing the trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, we’ve been counting down the days until dino-d-day.

Admittedly, we don’t daydream about dinosaurs too often (now, Chris Pratt, that’s a different story… he’s a total boss and soooo our bae), but since we’re on the topic, we wanted to catch you up on a company that has made quite a [pre]historic impact on the modern day jewelry market. While the brand offers a huge selection of styles, metals and stones, Jewelry by Johan is best-known for its jewelry featuring some of the Earth’s most-naturally beautiful, unique elements such as authentic meteorite and fossilized dinosaur bone. Two things that shouldn’t play well together (you know, dinosaurs, falling asteroids, extinction, not exactly peanut butter and jelly-level copacetics), but do so brilliantly when combined in ring design.

Dinosaur Bone Rings Are Real - Sponsored by Jewelry by JohanPhoto:

Seriously, the Jewelry by Johan rings are unlike anything we’ve seen before - and we are so excited to partner with the family-owned jewelry design and manufacturing company to show off allll the standouts in its repertoire. What’s cool, too, is JBJ’s cachet for mixing and matching and customization. Whether you’re looking for a completely bespoke wedding band, engagement ring, or want to add a personal twist to a ring style that the brand already offers (or that you found elsewhere), you can rest assured knowing that the in-house designers will bring all of your wedding jewelry dreams to life.

Have you actually ever seen a meteorite or fossilized dinosaur bone ring in RL? Any and all of your pre-existing notions of what an alternative engagement ring or wedding band featuring either of these materials might look like are about to be shattered. Actually, they’re about to go the way of the dinosaurs… Because you truthfully couldn’t imagine a prettier piece of jewelry.

Dinosaur Bone Rings Are Real - Sponsored by Jewelry by JohanPhoto:

Both options can instantly add a sense of style and individuality to your jewelry box. The meteorite motif makes for a beautiful inlay in gold, silver, rings, as does the 65-million-year-old dinosaur gembone (as JBJ calls it) incorporated into rings made from titanium and tungsten and bands of silver and gold. And you’ll certainly never run out of things to talk about when you’re wearing one of these super trendy rings on those important fingers. So, when you’re stuck at your hubby’s holiday party and making small talk with strangers or getting together for another family reunion and in need of lots of conversation fodder, you’ll have it in spades.

Aside from all the talk-worthy trademarks of these rings, though, they’re absolutely beautiful. Genuine Gibeon meteorite inlays completely illuminate the diamond(s) or colored stone(s) in these meteorite rings, and the clean-cut diamond sparkles stunningly in the context of the rugged dinosaur bone. From stellar and celestial, to jurassic and jaw-dropping, these looks are nonpareil.

Dinosaur Bone Rings Are Real - Sponsored by Jewelry by JohanPhoto:

If you’re not one to rock the status quo with your statement pieces, Jewelry by Johan also has a phenomenal arsenal of traditional rings. The designers can work with all stones and cuts, high-quality diamonds to heart-shaped sapphires, AAA emeralds to chic black diamonds. And you can conjure up a custom engagement ring or complete custom bridal set using the brand’s own selection of in-house materials or ANY sentimental materials you can provide. That’s right, it’s a totally handcrafted, heirloom jewelry-making process.

Are you biting yet? Scroll through some of our favorites to get inspired 💍 💍 💍, shop now if you’re so inclined, and make sure to follow @jewelrybyjohan to see what other couples are digging into these days!

All photos courtesy of Jewelry by Johan. 

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