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Diamond in The Rough is all about natural sparkle and one-of-a-kind engagement rings. Designed especially for a bride who's a fashion leader and looking for something truly unique. A rough diamond is found in naturally formed shapes, textures, and colors. These precious gifts of Mother Nature can be found in a huge spectrum of colors including colorless, yellow, champagne, chocolate brown, and much more!
The overall characteristics of a natural rough diamond play an important role in allowing the flexibility to choose jewelry that matches any personality. To uncover these beautiful raw gems is a labor-intensive process that is well worth the effort to discover an irreplaceable treasure.

natural rough diamond ring with micro pave diamond

diamond in the rough rings

Each Diamond in the Rough ring is a work of art, every diamond is carefully examined for its profound beauty and its occurrence as a  natural phenomena. Each ring is custom made to create an individual setting for the unique diamond. The rings’ designs are especially crafted to enhance the rough diamond’s authentic qualities.
A humble tribute to nature’s passion, Diamond in the Rough redefines the paradigms of traditional diamond jewelry. To see all of there unique engagement rings click here.

rough yellow diamond engagement ring

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