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Despite Their Name, Basic Invite Is Anything But Basic



Despite their name, Basic Invite is anything but basic. We took a stroll through their website and were blown away by all the customization you can do on your invitation suites. From the color options to the stunning amount of font and layout choices this is the place to go if you are looking for truly show stopping wedding stationery! 

Click here to customize yours today, but don't run away too quickly. If you keep reading you will find a coupon code that will give you a 15% discount on the entire site! That's right, and with over 200 wedding invitations sets available at Basic Invite, why wouldn't you take advantage of this fabulous offer. So keep scrolling, and prepare to fall in love! You can see more lovely Basic Invite suites in the full gallery here or by following Basic Invite on Instagram at @basicinvite. Fill your feed with gorgeous and custom stationery!




Truly custom samples

You know when you excitedly order something fabulous online and when it finally arrives you realize the most fabulous part of the item was actually the photos of it. The worst, right? Well Basic Invite never wants to leave you with this kind of disappointment. You can actually order a sample of your stationery to see exactly how it will look in person. This way you can feel the paper quality and see the print quality all before you place your final order. Because, one whoops is manageable, 100+ is a complete disaster. 




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script fonts + gold foil

Even if you aren't a font geek the best part of picking out your invites is playing with the different fonts and seeing what your names look like with all those fancy loops and curls. One of the great things about Basic Invite is they let you instantly preview your invites AND you can also preview your names even in the most complex fonts! Super fun! Plus you can now add gold and silver foiling to any element on your invites, including the swooping calligraphy your names are in. So click here to start customizing yours today! 


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Plenty of colors to choose from

Speaking of that instant preview, Basic Invites also has nearly an unlimited color palette for you to choose from. Which means you are sure to be able to match your wedding colors to your wedding stationery perfectly. Just select a design and change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options until you create the perfect card. Oh and did we mention they have over 40 envelope colors to choose from too. Basic Invite is here to help you express your true colors on your big day! 

Bonus, Basic Invite also offers a free address collection service to simplify your wedding planning even more. With just three easy steps; share a link, collect addresses, and get your envelopes printed, you can cross that off your to-do list!



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