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Design Your Own Engagement Ring At Diamond Mansion

Diamond Mansion - Design Your Own Engagement

If you already didn't say "WOW" to the 700 stones that were micro pave set in this beautiful cushion cut CUSTOM engagement ring, then we guarantee you are about to say it at least once after you scroll down.
We picked out 4 custom designed engagement rings from Diamond Mansion that has us like "Oh myyyy  Oh myy gosh. We want that one, and that one, and that one."

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following Diamond Mansion on Facebook. Here are some quotes from real life Facebook users that will make you laugh and realize oohh I should be tagging a certain someone with rings I like.

Fatma tags Kelly: this is my ideal ring ? get it for meQuinn tags Jazmine: when the time comes something like this will do just fine pass the message ??

Diamond Mansion Engagement Ring

Get on my finger you custom rose gold halo engagement ring.
customize your ring here

Diamond Mansion - Design Your Own Engagement

customize your engagement ring

Needless to say, we know you all want your own CUSTOM engagement ring like the this majestic marquee engagement ring that would distract us from our life. Here's how you can get your own custom engagement ring from Diamond Mansion

1. Choose your ring style
2. Select your stone shape
3. Figure out your Gold karat weight and color
4. Your desired Diamond quality depending on your needs and budget
5. Make sure you have your ring size Voila you have yourself a (insert your name here) CUSTOM engagement ring.

Diamond Mansion - Design Your Own Engagement

Speechless! How can something so simple be so amazing. Timeless, classic, elegant
customize your ring here

Diamond Mansion - Design Your Own Engagement

This one deserves a standing ovation. Stop being so pretty, and get on my finger.
customize your ring here

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A dream come true ♡ Customized and Handcrafted at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

All this prettiness is from the diamondmansion official Instagram page. Seriously ... this is the place for some major #engagementring inspiration. The spot to tag that special someone who needs a gently nudge. So hit follow and begin to start designing your CUSTOM engagement ring with Diamond Mansion.

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