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Demi Lovato Made Us All Believe in Wedding Black and Whites


There’s no better way to stir up a social media s*** storm than announcing an engagement, a baby on the way or a secret wedding (yep, talking about you, Julia Stiles). For some, like the Royal Family, two for three ain’t bad. And when Demi Lovato posted a WTF, is she married?! pic of her in a wedding dress last week, she incited over 50K+ comments from fans who, like us, can’t wait to see her as bride.

We’ve since gotten the memo that Demi isn’t closer to the aisle as much as she’s closer to dropping her latest music video for #TellMeYouLoveMe ((and finally clueing us in on that famous Jesse we’ve been reading all about)). This Friday, chicks. Be there.

But today’s post, a straight-on shot of the Sorry Not Sorry songstress looking like a total smokeshow, just gives us ALL the goals. From her floral-appliqué adorned gown, to her loose hanging curls, smoked-out eyes, pouty lips and her signature baller brow game, Demi couldn’t look like a more gorgeous bride than if it was actually her own wedding day (and even then, who knows).

Remember how poised Demi was when she congratulated her ex-boyf Joe Jonas on his engagement to Sophie Turner? This is model future-behaved-bride behavior.

One thing’s for sure, going with a black and white filter took this portrait from YAAAS level to NEXT LEVEL, and since it’s gone up on our feeds, we’ve been on a black and white wedding photo binge. There’s just something so special about a standout black and white pic, and we’d be shocked to hear anyone throw shade on the perspective.

B&W’s are crazy romantic, super emotional, edgy and editorial, and sometimes even more poignant than ones in color - and to prove it, we’ve rounded up the most incredible black and white wedding photography we’ve seen lately.

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of monochrome captures, after scrolling through these snaps, we’re betting you’ll be on board.

Anyone think that Selena Gomez is taking any aisle-style cues from her childhood bestie?

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