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Dance the Night Away with Talaria Flats

Talaria Flats

Your wedding is going to be an amazing day, and you will celebrate it with your best girls by your side. So much planning, love, and time goes into making a wedding everything you have dreamed of! But that day is a lot of time on your feet – and so, enter:  Talaria Flats .

When the craziness of the day is over and you are ready to let loose on the dance floor, Talaria Flats will be there for you! Made of a premium cushion sole, they are lifesavers after a day in heels (pictures, aisle-walks, etc. – it get’s exhausting!). A bunch of their brides and bridesmaids even change into them immediately after the ceremony. 

Your best ladies will so appreciate a thoughtful bridesmaid gift from you – especially one that they can use over and over again – these flats are the perfect solution and provide the ultimate cushion comfort. 

At only $25/pair in their customizable Bridesmaids Packs, you can even add the name of each bridesmaids onto the individual bags. These flats are great for commuting and travel, because they fold up to fit right into your purse or suitcase. 

They want to be a part of your wonderful wedding day – dance the night away in comfort and style.  Shop for the perfect bridesmaid gifts now – Talaria Flats!

Talaria Flats

Customer love

“I got the champagne flats for my wedding dress and they are so beautiful, shimmery and comfortable! They fit my feet like a glove and move with my foot movements like they are part of my feet. So excited to wear them for my wedding!!” - Laura, MN

“I love how these turned out for my bridesmaids. They are super cute, they have thick soles, and the quality is great! My ladies are going to love them!!” - Angela, IN

 “I just bought these shoes for me and my girls for my wedding yesterday and they were my saving grace! I put them on my feet the minute I left church and wore them the entire night dancing. I even wore them outside for pictures. The hard sole of the shoe was perfect to protect your feet while walking outside. They are easily foldable and compact to hide away in a purse or tote. And the little bag they come in doubles as a small clutch for lipstick or cash. Perfect gift and I am so glad I spent the money on them! The bridesmaids loved them also and thought they were very fashionable!”- Julie, NJ


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