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Dan + Sherry | "Royally" Personalized Wedding in Baltimore

Congratulations to gorgeous newly wed couple Dan and Sherry!

Today’s post is written by bride Sherry, who put her own touches into choosing her gorgeous wedding venue and customized reception details. But the wedding awesome-ness didn’t stop there! Sherry and Dan also received some hysterical footage from their family and friends via Weddingmix’s video cameras.

Our guests were absolutely hilarious. The Weddingmix video camera came with a series of questions that our videographer/friend could ask our guests. Their responses couldn’t have been better. We had a blast watching the uncut footage. Picking scenes for the video was easy and we shortened it up a bit to get the highlights and remove the clips that were better left between ourselves or not PG-13. Adding the music brought the whole video together and made it into a story. Thank you Storymix for helping keep the wedding day alive.

We married at a unique venue called The Cloisters in Baltimore, MD. The “castle” has touches from the Medieval Ages which we loved. The gardens, where our ceremony was held, had the perfect natural backdrop which was breathtaking. All of our friends and family enjoyed the food, drink, music, dancing and it was amazing seeing it all come together after a year of planning. Dan and I both worked on all the personal touches from the Welcome Amenities in the bathroom to selecting the two love birds and bulldog cupcake tree topper. We definitely personalized our wedding to reflect who we are and what we love.