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Cynthia + Maurice A Ragtime Style Wedding in San Diego

Cynthia + Maurice A Ragtime Style Wedding in San Diego

In San Diego, this ragtime style wedding certainly was the toast of the town! Check out Maurice and Cynthia’s wedding video for a much needed shot of 50′s nostalgia. At the historic El Cortez, this adorable couple was able to bring back the classy and enjoyable aspects of the Rat-pack era back to life. The area hasn’t seen this type of classy affair in potentially over half a century! Maurice and Cynthia were destined to bring these cherished vibes of yesteryear at their lavish celebration that deservedly shines the spotlight on these two beautiful and lively individuals.

This fun and forward-thinking couple had no problem racking up enough content for our editing process at WeddingMix. It’s almost too simple as Cynthia and Maurice never seem to have a dull moment from their featured wedding video trailer, shown below.

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