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Current Crush: Colored Engagement Rings from Allurez


Allurez Emerald Nature Ring

Remember last month when we were raving about rainbows? Well, we forgot to mention just how 🙌🙌🙌 the trend is for engagement rings, and Allurez wanted to remind us. The self-named ‘I Do’ industry’s internet family jeweler sponsored this post to share some of coolest gemstone rings out there right now. Before we even get into it - do you have the guts to ditch the diamond and consider something else for your engagement ring? We’ll check back in at the end!

Allurez has been in the gorgeous ring game for nearly 10 years, and with Raphi at the helm, the brand has grown into a household name and one of the fastest growing jewelry businesses in the U.S. What they offer that most other jewelers don’t? Well, customers looking for something with exceptional quality at a reasonable price can do it by shopping with Allurez. Everything is made domestically, and crafted by master designers from their NYC factory.

And they’re already pretty keyed into the rainbow rage, offering a myriad of customizable colored stone engagement rings for trendsetters who are walking away from diamonds a little bit and embracing the beauty of the alternative. From Blue Topaz to Tanzanite, Pink Sapphire to Peridot, the prismatic possibilities are endless. Not going to lie, we spent a healthy (unhealthy? However you want to look at it 😉) amount of time just combing through the rainbow of colors that couples can consider for that all-important ring.

Allurez has a huge range of preset rings with stunning stones straight out of a rainbow arc, but if your partner is more into the idea of customizing something (perhaps you’ve dropped a few hints that you’d prefer something a bit more tailored, personal), then he or she can absolutely customize the ring of your dreams. Plus, unlike other jewelers and retailers that only offer the basic few settings - three stone, pave, halo, solitaire, Allurez goes above and beyond with even more unique settings - nature, butterfly, twisted.

Just start scrolling, you’ll see what we mean!

Allurez Aquamarie Emerald Cut Engagement RingRing:

We’re actually obsessed with this ring. It features a seriously-sizeable center aquamarine stone and gorgeous accent diamonds on the band. So, the diamonds aren’t lost forever. The icy blue color is the perfect #somethingblue - feminine, yet powerful. And the emerald cut is strong too, commands attention! Not saying I’d trade my own engagement ring for it, because honey, I love you, but I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to receiving this as an anniversary cocktail ring.

Allurez Amethyst Heart Butterfly Ring

Long reserved solely for royalty, the amethyst is a majestic gemstone and something that we can totally get on board with, especially with the recent royal wedding fever. We haven’t seen many butterfly settings flying around in the wedding space as of late, but given how trendy these winged-wonders are becoming (we can thank the Kardashian-Jenner clan for that), they might start blowing up!! And the purple color, with such a feminine motif, it’s kind of perfection.

Allurez Diamond Engagement Ring with Side Blue Sapphires

Those sapphires, though… so striking. There’s not much to say about this fancy three-stone diamond and pear-cut blue sapphire engagement ring. It speaks for itself. But we love, apart from the brilliant round diamonds (center stone and around the band) are the side sapphires that really draw the eye in. The ring on its own has such character and beauty, but those pops of color give the ring even more depth - and it’s subtle, too.

Allurez Ruby Halo Engagement RingRing:

It takes a really confident, composed and chic woman to pull off a ruby ring (hey Princess Eugenie!!), because once she’s wearing it on her finger - the attention is nonstop. Really. The massive ruby center stone is unbelievable, and the rectangular halo doesn’t even do more to emphasize the size, it’s just complementary - framing, perfect. And if the bride-to-be has a birthday in July, it’s an amazing gift to surprise her with…

Allurez Butterfly Diamond Engagement Ring

Yes, we said this post was all about 🌈, but a distinctly diamond moment is never dismissed… And this butterfly engagement ring and matching band set our hearts on fire. So many diamonds, so much sass, it’s the pinnacle pick for a woman who is pure sunshine. There are 14 diamonds in the floral engagement ring and 21 diamonds in the wedding band, so you can’t say that we’re departing from the trend. That’d be a tragedy, to say the least…

Soooo, have we at least made you THINK about something other than diamonds??!? We promised we'd check back in... 


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We partnered with Allurez to share all of their #gemstonegoals with you. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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