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COVID Nurses - From Wedding Dresses to Scrubs


COVID Nurses - From Wedding Dresses to Scrubs

There is no friendship quite like a nurse friendship. 

First of all, thank you Emergency/Trauma Nurse Desiree Burke and all of your colleagues for your service. Desiree wanted to share a little bit about her best friends, her nurse friends.

We not only go through the day to day trials and tribulations together, we also walk together during some of the most painstaking experiences. Nurse friends are there on the outside to celebrate all the wonderful things in life together. We are with each other for marriages, babies, and other life successes. 

COVID Nurses - From Wedding Dresses to Scrubs

We are also here to support each other on the inside. When the emergency department door closes and the rest of the world is left to wonder what goes on behind it I can look around and find comfort in my friends. We witness heartbreaking circumstances everyday. We experience death, children being taken away from their families, and of course right now the devastation of a world pandemic. Without finding solace in your nurse friends this career would be a heavy burden to carry. 

COVID Nurses - From Wedding Dresses to Scrubs

Last summer I was standing at the side of one of my best friends to congratulate her on becoming Mrs. Lewis. Now I stand next to her with ugly hospital scrubs, respirators, and face shields. We are here to fight for the health of our patients together. Nurse friends are the best friends.

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