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COVID-19 Is Making Weddings a Seven-Days-a-Week Possibility


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There are a lot of things that this virus has been and will continue to be taking away from us, but for the wedding world, it might just give us something back. Eh, maybe not back, because they never were all that popular, but weekday weddings - we’re excited to see you become a thing. That’s right, since spring and summer weddings were wrecked by COVID and its unapologetic path of destruction, couples who decided to postpone have been scrambling for alternate dates later this year and next (because October-December brides and grooms: you might be OK). Of course, any of the available weekend days for the rest of the year got scooped up suuuuper quick - and I know this, because when I had to cancel my daughter’s baptism in April, my venue let me know that they already had their Saturday and Sunday slots stacked with weddings that had been bumped to the fall and winter - but for couples who still might be attached to a 2020 date, weekdays are an option…

We actually think that weddings during the week have all the potential to be good for guests, and we’ll get to those in a sec - but for couples, there are serious advantages.

Vendor availability is more likely. 

No doubt, couples who had their weddings rocked this spring and summer are going to vie for their OG venue and vendor lineup for a weekend before considering a weekday. ((I mean, weekends are just optimal, that won’t go away)). That said, if you can anticipate that, and reach out to your wedding squad early on, it’s a good chance that most - and hopefully all - will be pumped to commit to that date change.

Discounts are up for grabs. 

Just as certain seasons are “less coveted” for wedding celebrations - winter, we’re sorry, people just like warmer weather better - so are weekdays. Historically. With that competition and demand off the table, weekdays can yield considerable discounts and savings for couples taking the plunge. And this is across the board, too, with venues, catering, transportation, entertainment, photography, etc. Case in point, see what your I Do dream team can offer for a Monday-Thursday gig.

2020 can still be your year. 

I’m pretty sure that as soon as my wedding date was booked for good (I say that, because I actually had to bump up the date by a week 6 months after we had booked it), I just started looking at 2014 as my wedding year - like, as in, it was good for nothing else haha. Granted, 2020 has certainly brought more hell than happy, but for couples who saved THE date for the new millennium, saying goodbye might just not be sitting well #cueallthefeels. AND THAT’S FINE! If you don’t want to celebrate the New Year without being fully wife or hubs-ed up, then see what you can do about a party Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. If we’re being honest, I think tying the knot on Thursday is a pretty great look…. 

Mike Staff Productions, a Greater Detroit-based wedding+entertainment company cooperatively staffed with DJs, videographers, photographers, and lighting technicians, is all for the weekday wedding situation. And they reminded us just how much of a non-issue midweek celebrations can be, provided that both couples and guests are prepared.

“Your guests will attend your Thursday wedding for the same reason they would attend your Saturday wedding… because they LOVE YOU. That means they will want to celebrate your love story any day of the week. People may have school and work obligations, but the key to making sure your weekday wedding still rocks is advanced notice. Whether it’s sending out new save-the-date cards, emailing out the link to your wedding website or simply calling/texting your guests about the date – give them plenty of time to make arrangements they need to attend. People have to do that for weekend weddings, too!”

At the end of the day, yes, your guests are going to be there for YOU, because of that ❤️ - but they’re also going to RSVP ‘YES,’ because after so much time spent social distancing, they’re ready to rage [safely].

“With everything that’s occurred in 2020, many will crave socializing and reconnecting at your wedding… regardless of the day of the week. Of course, it’s important to prioritize your safety and continue to follow the CDC’s guidelines for social distancing and group gatherings.”

Final thoughts.

If you’re not game for postponing your date into 2021 or even 2022, but still worried about the effect your choosing a weekday will have on your guests, get over it. We mean it in the nicest way possible, too, don’t stress. You will have guests, your guests will have a great time (even if it means calling in sick the next day or PTO-ing a nice long weekend for themselves), and you will 🤞🤞🤞 have your honeymoon in the sun. Well, maybe - that might get delayed, too - but you’ll get through it, you’re a 2020 bride, it’s in your blood to brave face all this year’s bad news.

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