Couple Challenge: Teeth Whitening for the Wedding


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We are ALL for brides and grooms committing to healthier lifestyle habits and routines right after getting engaged. A wedding is a hugeeee deal, and of course both parties want to look and feel their best on the best day of their lives. That said, we’re also starkly opposed to 1) things getting out of control and dangerous (which can absolutely happen when getting skinny becomes priority #1) 2) couples issuing each other ultimatums to thin out or the wedding is off 3) these impulsive-yet-optimistic lifestyle changes - dieting, working out, drinking less, etc. end up going the way of ill-fated New Year’s Eve resolutions. I.e. lofty hopes with little follow through and 4) couples failing to do things together - teamwork makes the dream work isn’t just fun to say, it’s kind of the anthem for successful fiancé-ship, marriage, etc. There is ONE ‘glow up’ goal, though, that we can confidently get behind and think that couples can make into a healthy challenge for each other: pre-wedding teeth whitening. Our friends at Snow Teeth Whitening totally agree with us on this one, and thought that they’d help out with the cause.

Granted, we wouldn’t say that operation #whitedresswhiteteeth is anywhere remotely on par with the ice bucket challenge or charitable dare do-its like it, but it still has those life-brightening benefits. Snow guarantees superior results in the comfort of your home, without causing sensitivity of other systems. Customers report much better results, both short-term, and long-term, using their products vs. the other options on the market. And their results are more comparable to a $500-1000 dentist treatment, at a fraction of the cost. 

Snow Teeth Whitening Bride Whitening Her Teeth

Here’s how-to do it right [and get your teeth white]

Especially if you’ve got 6 months to go before the wedding. That’s the month-long supply of whitening serum (plus their max strength for extra fast results) that comes with their hero whitening kit product...

The couple that whitens together, stays together.

While you’re cheersing to your engagement🥂, talking about that future wedding, admiring that sparkler and your even-better-looking fiancé, you can be whitening your teeth up to 8 shades whiter… 

Snow Teeth Whitening Couple Drinking Wine and Getting Ready to Whiten

With Snow Teeth Whitening’s At-Home System [all-in-one kit], what you do is pretty simple and can have lasting, beyond brilliant results.

  1. Brush your teeth, floss and rinse
  2. Twist up the wand and apply the proprietary serum (either using the silver wands with normal whitening serum or the gold wands with max strength serum) - painting each tooth just like you do your nails. 
  3. Plug the patented LED light into your device (phone, iPad, etc.) and put the mouthpiece in. Keep the light in for 10-30 minutes, longer it’s in, the whiter your smile will be.
  4. Once you’ve reached your max amount of whitening time (no more than 30 minutes), remove the light, rinse it, along with your mouth, and you’re done.

Here’s where the challenge comes in.

Both of you have plenty of things to do before you say ‘I Do,’ so you need to put in the effort (and really, it doesn't take much) if you want that gorgeous smile by the big day. Tag your guy or girl in when you see they have some down time. Maybe he’s shaving? Maybe she’s getting ready for her bach weekend and can fit a couple more things into her BRIDE clutch? 

Snow Teeth Whitening Couple Embracing at the Bathroom Mirror He's MultitaskingSnow Teeth Whitening Bride Adding Serum Refills to Her Bride Clutch

Neither of you has a reason to bail, because…

  • The proprietary serum won’t cause any sensitivity (it happens often with a lot of other systems and those dreaded white strips)

  • It’s the only teeth whitening treatment that actually guarantees results, with a 5-year warranty

  • The serum is safe to use and doesn’t ruin your enamel like other treatments can. Additionally, Snow uses ultra-safe LED wavelengths which don’t cause any harm to your mouth or body. Side effects

  • Snow is the only over-the-counter teeth whitening treatment that penetrates decades-worth of DEEP stains, not just surface stains. Because yes, marriage means taking your partner for better or worse, coffee/wine/tea obsession and all. But the stains don't have to stay!! 

Not even kidding, check these before-afters 🤯🤯🤯!! 

Snow Teeth Whitening Before and After Teeth Results

Snow Teeth Whitening Before and After Teeth Results

And the best part?

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We partnered with Snow Teeth Whitening to give newly-engaged couples everywhere some pointers on those pearly whites. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!