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Cotton Candy Wedding Bouquets Might Be Our New Favorite


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So, it’s Friday, and snowy on the East Coast (will be even snowier tomorrow). That’s why I figured it was prime time to talk about something really cute that’s maybeeee making rounds in the wedding world: cotton candy bouquets ☁️🍬. Yep, instead of suuuuuper expensive peony arrangements, some brides are opting for another kind of full and fluffy vibe for their bouquets. And it comes in the form of spun sugar.

Yes, yes, yes, yesssssss.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening.

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The beautiful bride is linking her right arm with her father and holding a frothy pink cotton candy bouquet in the other. And it all looks pretty normal, right?

Now, we’re not so sure that this is actually becoming a trend. It might just be a sweet idea that Delish wrote about a few days ago, and now we’re taking a turn (or should we say spin?) with it. But that’s OKAY. If you will something justttt enough, aka, put it out into the universe and cross your fingers really hard, ✨✨✨ might start to happen. Hayley Paige, we’re putting this on you, girl; as the reigning queen of sparkle and shine, can you work your magic and make brides carrying cotton candy down the aisle a thing? Please? 🙏🏻

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It’s not that hard to imagine this as a trend, either. Right? What with tulle continuing to be a favorite fabric for brides and pastel palettes continuing to be hella popular for maids. It just makes sense. And it doesn’t even mean that the wedding has to take a campy carnival direction. Although, rainbow weddings are total ‘I Do’ dos for us. 

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Here are a few ways we see cotton candy bouquets working

For the flower girl.

She’s the cutest, most delicious part of the wedding already. So, why shouldn’t she just continue riding that out? Instead of holding a paper cone filled with flower petals, she should just have a tuft of candy floss. Yup!

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For the bridal party. 

Maybe not to pull and munch on at the altar. Even though those photos would be 😍. But something like those doughnut bouquets that were EVERYTHING last year. Brides can give out cotton candy bouquets to their girls in the bridal suite and then have their photographer snap all the Insta-worthy photos before the ceremony. If they want to swap the sugar bouquets for flowers, then so be it, if not - we’re behind them on the CCB (cotton candy bouquet).

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For the bride.

Hey, as someone who lovessss cotton candy (CC ice cream FTW), and all things whimsy, I am all for the cotton candy bouquet. A strut down the aisle with pretty spun sugar in hand? Great!! If you’re a bride who likes the idea, but would still love a floral bouquet, then consider using the bouquet as a prop for photos! Or incorporating cotton candy in some other aspect of your wedding. From favors to decor atop signature cocktails, it’s easy to make this fairy floss totallllly flawless for the day. 

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