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Conscious Couture Wedding Gowns From Lindee Daniel

Conscious Couture Wedding Gowns From Lindee Daniel

We are so proud to share with you our next wedding dress designer Lindee Daniel. Specializing in creating a line of unique wedding gowns, with a a firm commitment to all things natural and giving back to the community. Lindee graciously donates 5 percent of her of annual sales toward severely at-risk youth in Los Angeles. What a wonderful feeling knowing that your wedding gown actually makes a difference in someone's life. Her exquisite gowns feature exotic fabrics made of wild silks, which save millions of silk worms from being killed for use in this luxury fabric. She also uses organic cotton, safe non-toxic dyes and processes free of chemicals or synthetics and her collections are handmade in the United States. We admire her commitment to the earth and to her community. You can see her entire collection by clicking here. eco friendly wedding gowns

From Lindee As a designer myself, and obsessive about all-things natural,  I have always felt that creating consciously in fashion is crucial and it ensures the environment, consumer health and the health of millions of people in the fashion workforce around the globe are protected and respected throughout the entire process. It's not an easy task -for decades we have worked to build a complex production model that exploits both humans and our planet in the name of profit - and for fashion, profit has never been better. It's a billion dollar industry with huge margins but also with carefully hidden horror stories that rarely meet the public eye. Conscious Couture Wedding Gowns From Lindee Daniel

To learn more about this ec0-friendly wedding gown designer visit Lindee Daniel for more information.

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