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Classic Diamond Studs Are Still Solid Gold for Brides

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We are always looking for the next big thing when it comes to weddings, absolutely, but then there are those things that you kind of never want to see go out of style for brides. Like white gowns, French manicures, veils, and the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings. I’ll admit, I’m super biased, while I didn’t wear solitaire diamond studs, I did wear studs - heirloom-quality tanzanite with a halo of diamonds - and they were breathtaking. Truly breathtaking. Yes, statement earrings can work; sure, danglers can do it, too, but studs will always be gold standard, because they’re as classic as they come. And we spoke with to get an even more multifaceted appraisal of the trend…

See what we did there? 😉

But first, what makes shine?

Well, they’re absolute pros when it comes to that wardrobe staple you’ve always wanted in your jewelry box - diamond studs, duh. They wholeheartedly believe that shopping for diamond earrings shouldn’t have to be an over-complicated, stressful experience. Rather, it should happen in as little as three steps, so you can customize that perfect pair of diamond studs to your ideal shape, quality and metal type that fits your budget. And their expert gemologists hand-match your diamonds to exceed any and all of your expectations.

Now, back to the bride… Why will studs always star?

We’ve got 5+ reasons.

They’re simple and stylish.

No matter how relaxed a bride wants to be for her big day, she will always be a more glammed-up version of herself. From her gown to her hair and makeup, she’ll want to turn up her edge ever-so-slightly to surprise her S.O. and her nearest and dearest. But for her jewelry, she’ll need something a bit more grounding. Something that when she wears them, she feels her most confident and effortless. Diamond studs accomplish both. They’re approachable, familiar, but serve up signature sparkle that every bride wants on her wedding day. Diamond Studs in Yellow Gold and Rose Gold

They’re classic.

Whenever you hear stylists talk about their favorite looks on any red carpet, they always say some iteration of ‘she looked utterly classic, her gown, her accessories, her makeup, everything was timeless and that type of look is enduring, it’s a debut that goes down in history.’ Well, the same goes for brides. Yes, they can wear whatever accessories they want - it’s their day - but what studs have over statement earrings, cuffs, chandeliers, clusters, huggies or hoops, is their classic charm. Brides who rock them can fit into any time period and will always feel trendy when they look back on their wedding days.

They go with it all.

Diamond posts also have an edge over the others, because they’re bright and white and chameleon-like. Whether the bride goes with a similarly-classic all white or ivory gown, something blush, something blue, or something printed, her earrings are guaranteed to vibe with it all. And she can wear them throughout her entire engagement - with her engagement party romper, her bridal shower shift dress, her bachelorette jumpsuit, her rehearsal dinner swing dress, her wedding gown, and her post-wedding brunch outfit - all different looks, but all appropriate pairings for these pairs.

They’re completely customizable.

The beauty of stud earrings are their brilliance, their sparkle, hands down. specializes in crafting the highest quality GIA or EGL certified diamond earrings all made in-house, and they’re all able to be custom designed using DS’s easy-to-use online customization tool. So, for grooms getting gifts for their brides, what’s better than diamond studs from their studs? Cheesy, but not even. Just select a shape, setting, size and quality of your diamond, and their diamond experts will create the most exceptionally-stunning set for her to love. Rose Gold Setting Diamond Studs

They fulfill lifelong dreams.

Just like the bride dreams of her future husband or wife her entire life, she has also dreamt about adding a beautiful pair of diamond studs to her jewelry box. Not even kidding. It makes a woman feel a little complete inside. That’s why for the wedding, it’s the perfect occasion for her to wear something she’s always dreamt about. is a great place for her fiancé or parents to buy her #somethingnew or, likewise, a great place for her to scout a fantastic gift for her Maid/Matron of Honor. Plus, the site offers 30-day returns, lifetime upgrades, free shipping, free diamond appraisals, 0% financing and 12-month payment plans.

And one last sparkling reason.

If you dig what you see, is offering 17 percent off site-wide. Just enter ‘Chicks17’ @ checkout!


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