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Christine + Alfredo | Wedding Ring Mishap


When you're planning a wedding, everyone tells you that something will go wrong, that it can’t all be perfect, and not to freak out about it when it happens, just go with it, don’t stress, don’t worry (starting to sound like a Jimmy Buffet song, right?). I braced myself for that happening….I didn’t know what it would be (would it be the rain that was predicted? Would Uncle Bob get drunk and fall on to my cake? Would people not partake in my Black and White theme and wear coral?). A wedding, an event with so many elements and traditions, is impossible to get perfect. Absolutely, incredibly, IMPOSSIBLE.


So, I had finally come to terms with reality and knew that I would not get it 100% right and I was mentally ready for it. However, never in my wildest dreams did I expect my “something” to be such a BIG “something” and in front of all 240 guests with all their attention on us. Don’t worry, my groom showed up to altar….what didn’t show up was the second most important thing after the vows…. the WEDDING RINGS! We had no rings at the altar. Who arrives to the altar without rings? Umm, that would be me.

Luckily because of all my mental prep, I didn’t care. Not one iota. I didn’t care that all 240 of my closest friends and family saw one of the biggest wedding gaffes of their lives. I didn’t care that our rings wouldn’t be blessed on the spot. I didn’t care that the officiate couldn’t just pretend we had rings and had to awkwardly stall time. All I cared about was looking into my groom’s eyes and making the most important promise of my life.

I know – we didn’t have wedding rings at the altar. Shocking right? When I tell people the story, their mouths always drop, but I just respond with laughter. That moment symbolized so many aspects of my new life: life will be messy, but none of that matters because the strength of our relationship will always persevere. I also loved that people got to see the lighter side of my relationship….we were able joke about it immediately.


Because of StoryMix, I get to relive that exact OMG moment at the altar whenever I want. Without Storymix, that moment would just be a distant memory, but because of Storymix (and my dear friends who got the moment on camera), I get to look back at it whenever I need a reminder of the strength of my relationship, or more realistically, whenever I need a good laugh.
Summary: Things will go wrong at your wedding and StoryMix will be along for the ride to remind you of it forever – and this is a good thing.