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Choose Good Stone for a High-End American Made Engagement Ring

Good Stone Engagement Rings

Good Stone has made the engagement ring shopping process a little easier. Instead of perusing an array of engagement rings behind a glass case, you can inquire and share what you are initially looking for. Good Stone can then educate and help you find the perfect ring from one of their design specialists. Naturally, the engagement ring is foreshadowing your beautiful future together as a married couple. This is the beginning to your matrimony! Lucky for you as a Wedding Chicks reader Good Stone is offering 15% off any stacker! The code is LOVESTACKING15. Happy ring shopping!

Good Stone Engagment Ring

Good Stone are firm believers in knowing that diamond jewelry doesn't have to be defined by tradition. The ring you wear should be defined by your love together and of course your own personal taste. Good Stone rings are personally designed and their diamonds and gems are sourced based on your specific needs. Defying the "traditional engagement ring," they are also taking a pass on over-charging which makes their romantic pieces affordable. 

Good Stone Engagment Ring

A little tip for making your ring even more personal. If you have your own center stone that you would like to use, they can build that into your design. They can also match the diamonds to your center stone. Good Stone provides free resizing, cleaning and maintenance and they will even replace lost stones free of charge for one year. After the year is over, Good Stone will take care of you for life at discounted rates. That is a big plus!

Good Stone Stacking Bands

Aside from just engagement rings, Good Stone can also help you celebrate those big milestones. Falling in love with your partner over and over is easy. You are appreciating them in these big celebrations of life like anniversaries, graduations, vacations, and having children together. Your shared life that is constantly growing is important to celebrate. Good Stone has stackable rings for those big occasions. You can use the stacker ring for a wedding band and then add on. At the end you will have a stack of meaningful and beautiful rings! You are able to purchase these stackers on their online shop here

Good Stone Stackers

Some great advice if you don't know the correct ring size, do a little more research before purchasing the ring. You can do this by asking her friends or try to find a ring she already owns. Any jewelry store or jewelry department can help you size the ring for free. Although Good Stone is willing to work with you and take an estimate of the ring size it is better to do a little investigating beforehand.

Lucky for you as a Wedding Chicks reader Good Stone is offering 15% off any stacker! The code is LOVESTACKING15. Happy ring shopping!

A little love for Good Stone:

"Around the time my now husband and I were going to be engaged, many of our friends were also popping the question to their significant others. They ALL had the same ring! I didn’t think it was even possible to pull off the kind of detailed ring I was picturing, but somehow through Good Stone’s magic, they were able to make it happen. It was better than I had imagined because my pear shaped diamond is one of the best cuts Blake could find. His attention to detail and knowledge of true quality will set your ring apart from the rest. Our rings represent our unique relationship and love for each other. We will cherish them for the rest of our lives. You can’t go wrong with Good Stone!'
-Jamie W"

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