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In lieu of International Women's Day this last week, we are happy to share the collaborative work of Anna Bario and Page Neal who are the master minds behind Bario Neal. Bario Neal is a "design-forward, women-owned and feminist company." What makes them so wonderful is how they are committed to ethical sourcing for all their materials, and each piece is unique and handcrafted one at a time.

Opal and Morganite Cluster stack with Linea Diamond Band

If we haven't intrigued you yet, see for yourself. An unexpectedly beautiful line-up: The Linea Diamond Band paired with their Opal & Morganite Cluster Ring. The Opal & Morganite Cluster ring pairs a soft, billowy opal with angled, pear cut pink morganite and clusters of diamonds. Mix it up with the modern, angular Linea Diamond Band.

Diamond Cluster band with Garnet Cluster

How deep is your love? The Garnet Cluster Ring accented by Bario Neal's Diamond Cluster Band. The Garnet Cluster Ring matches moody, deep-red, romantic garnets with experimental, clustered design. Similar in color to rubies, these striking crimson stones are handpicked from rare Anthill garnets (umm, cute, tiny ants, mining your gemstones!) found in Arizona’s Navajo Nation and from Tanzanian mines.

Spring 2017 Bario Neal Collection

Looking for your Spring Love? Explore the incredible lightness of being sparkly, with ethically-sourced, jewel cluster engagement rings and the bands that snuggle them. Straddling the vintage-yet-modern aesthetic, they are destined to be classics for the unconventional bride.

Bario Neal Hex Sapphire Cluster ring and band

Dream ring, meet your dream band: The Hex Sapphire Cluster Ring and Band Combo.

Bario Neal Earrings

From wedding isle to the art fair, Bario Neal's latest statement earrings dance with modern romance and gallery-worthy drama. Inspired by Calder mobiles, the Ray Drops, Circ Drops and Circ Chandeliers are a sculptural breeze.


Do you have heirloom gemstones that you would like to rework into a custom Bario Neal ring or do you have a vision for a custom ring that you have never seen before? Bario Neal is happy to work with you to design and handcraft your custom vision or personalize one of their existing rings. Contact them through their website to get the process started and in the meantime, check out these stunning rings to view some of their custom work.

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