Wedding Dresses

CHERUBINA Bridal Collection

Spanish fashion brand Cherubina presents their first prêt-à-porter Bridal Collection. Let's just say they nailed it. Their long awaited debut bridal collection, Le Beau Monde, is a  sixteen piece collection designed by Ana Cherubina.  Volume, big bows, embroidery, the fine fabrics and lace make up the most fabulous feminine and delicate pieces.  There is great purity in the patterns, the cut and the combination of both. 

Cherubina has created a collection that will leave you wanting more. The photos are absolute perfection and we just can't stop looking. Ugh, so damn beautiful. These dresses are my jam, I would be all over them for any and  I do mean ANY occasion.  

I think I have a thing for Spanish designers. If you love Cherubina, you'll probably also love Cortana. There's something so romantic and wonderful about the way these collections make me feel when I look at them.