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Chattanooga, TN DIY Barn Wedding

The Barn at highpoint

The Barn at High Point Farms provided a lush green backdrop and a cozy interior space for Stacia and Michael's rainy wedding day. Despite the rainy weather, their was tons of love and laughter a this Stacia and Michael's TN DIY barn wedding.
We promise you will fall in love with this genuinely adorable couple as well as with all of the distinct details they filled their special day with. All of the rain soaked memories from Stacia and Michael's wedding can be seen in the full gallery here. Captured by Sarah Becker Photography.

brooch wedding bouquet

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From the Bride:My bouquet is one of my favorite details from our day! My mom and I both have a love for vintage flower broaches and way before I even knew I was going to marry Michael, I decided that it would be really neat to make my wedding bouquet out of them.

I attached wire wrapped in green florist's tape to the bottom of all of them, and wound all of that together to provide stability before wrapping the "stems" in ribbon. It was heavy, but it was so bright and colorful and very "Stacia." Because I loved it so much, I tossed a small bouquet of real flowers - I couldn't risk taking someone's eye out!

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The day before the wedding I had to come to terms with the reality of a rainy day wedding, and - you know what - I would have that rainy day wedding all over again.

Some of my favorite memories from our day are from after the ceremony when it started to rain and Michael and I took our portraits anyway. Rainy day walks have always been one of our favorite together activities, and now it just makes perfect sense that our wedding - the day we wanted to be an expression of “us” - also featured rain.

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Chattanooga, TN DIY Barn Wedding

rainy day wedding

Highpoint barn wedding venue

If I were to change anything about our wedding day, it would be having someone there that my mom felt comfortable leaving in charge of all the last minute details. She worked so hard with me to make everything "perfect" - and it was - but I wish she had been able to spend more time relaxing with me and my bridesmaids instead of worrying about last minute details.

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Michael and I knew we wanted our guests to feel comfortable at our wedding. We knew we wanted handmade details, and that we wanted to feature parts of our quirkiness like our Lord of the Rings quote banner that was hand painted by my now sister-in-law.

At the end of the day, we knew we wanted to infuse the wedding with ourselves, our love, and our personalities. We also wanted to spend the day relaxing, decorating, and laughing with our very closest friends and family.

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Read on to hear Stacia's tips and tricks for other brides out there.

• Our venue cost around $4,500 which there was really no getting around, but you have to factor in that the price included chairs and tables along with a significant number of decor items that we were free to use. A lot of venues don't include that in their pricing.

• Know what you want. The better idea you have, the less money will get spent in areas where it doesn't need to be spent.

• Have priorities; things that you must have and will pay more for, and then save on the things you don't care about as much.

• Search for someone other than the "big stores" to do your dress alterations. This alone can save you a fortune!

• Thrift shop or eBay items instead of paying full price. Be patient and keep looking until you find what you want. If you don't have it and it's too close to wait any longer, then you can go out and buy the more expensive version. I knew I wanted a flower broach bouquet way before I even got engaged, so I started snatching up flower broaches when I ran across them inexpensively, then I supplemented those with a few slightly pricier pieces that finished it out.

• DIY wherever you can. Make it by hand, throw a party with your bridesmaids and teach them how to make the items you're looking for. It may cost in time, but it saves money and builds lifelong memories which mean so much more than an item bought online.

CatererA Food Attitude
Dress DesignerVera Wang
Event Designer & FlowersDIY | Cake: Betsy Hailes | DJ: Sean Bunger | Officiant: Ron Johnson | Stationery: Michael, The Groom
Groom's AttireMen's Wearhouse
PhotographerSarah Becker Photography
Shoe DesignerModCloth
VenueThe Barn at High Point Farms