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Chalkboard Clothespin DIY Escort Cards


diy escort cards

We are not sure what it is, but when you go to a wedding and see your name looking on all pretty on your very own escort card, it makes you feel extra special. Are we not right?  Well .... thanks to wedding craft experts Paper and Thread and Something Turquoise, we have a little diy that will make your guests feel extra extra special. So, put on your crafting golves, and whip out these clever and incredibly easy chalkboard clothespin escort cards. Hang them from twine or ribbon and voilà you have one heck of an escort card station.
escort/place cards, clothespins chalkboard paint metallic sharpie printed names on cardstock (we used Housegrind, a free font from

diy escort cards

1. Start by spray painting your clothespins with chalkboard paint. For even coverage they might need two coats of paint. Follow the directions on your can for dry times.
On your computer, print out simple escort and place cards for each guest. Cut them accordingly

2. For the escort cards: use the larger clothespins and a metallic Sharpie to write each table number and then add each guests name card. *For mess ups; since we are using a Sharpie you will need to repaint.

3. For the place cards: add each guests name card and possibly a flower or stem of greenery. Different flower stems could possibly communicate the guests choice of meal to the servers.

diy escort cards

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