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Chalkboard Brick DIY Table Numbers


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Who here is planning on having bricks at their wedding?! No? Well just wait until you see how our next DIY turns rustic, ordinary looking bricks in to sleek and stylish chalkboard brick DIY table numbers! You just might change you mind. Brought to you by the wedding craft experts Paper and Thread and Something Turquoise, this project is super easy and the results are super cute! If you are convinced and now wondering if there are more of these easy DIY projects, the answer is YES! Check out our Chalkboard Clothespin DIY Escort Cards post. It's a great way to use up the last of that can of chalkboard paint! Speaking of paint here are the supplies you will need for these fabulous table numbers.
Bricks (as many tables as you will have) pick them up at home depot or your local hardware store Krylon Chalkboard Paint Chalk ( you can even get calligraphy chalk if you want to get fancy)

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horizontal brick table number

1) Start by spray painting your brick with chalkboard paint. Depending on the porosity of the brick, you might need up to three coats of paint. Follow the directions on your paint can for drying times.

2) Carefully draw your table number or write out the table name onto your new chalkboard brick. If you mess up you can run the brick under water to start over. You can also just repaint it.

3) For font inspiration you can look online or print numbers in your favorite font to copy onto your brick.

4) Place tissue paper between your bricks for storing and transporting to your reception venue.

vertical table number brick

DIY chalkboard brick table number and clothes pin place card

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