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Cassi Claire Photography

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Cassi Claire is full of energy and contagious giggles, which often leads to her couples laughing along with her (or at her, she's fine either way!). She's addicted to cereal, mint ice cream, and noodles! But not together, that'd be weird. She loves LOVE, laughter, and creativity...and people who love love, laughter, and creativity! Her photos are colorful, bright, and fun! Cassi is based in Brooklyn, NY but is just a plane ticket away from wherever you are!
View all of her outrageously fun images here and don't forget to take a peek at her Wedding Chicks vendor page. Join us again next week for more Wedding Chicks vendor happy hours! To get information on becoming part of The Wedding Chicks and join all the fun email us by clicking here.

cassi claire photography