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Cardi B. Just Turned Us Onto The Guest Dress Code Rule


Cardi B Red Dress WeddingPhoto:

Since Cardi got engaged last month, she’s been making headlines about what her wedding holds for the future. In a recent interview with Vulture, she shared a very colorful detail about her impending nuptials: that all guests would be required to wear red to the occasion.

The rapper is a notorious fan of the fiery shade, fueling shady suspicion that she’s a member of the Bloods, so it makes sense that she’d make a palette prerequisite for her soon-to-come wedding. And we won’t lie, even though it’s a pretty ballsy request, it’s also kind of amazing. One that we’re quickly coming around on for our own weddings.

While it’s not exactly the best way to avoid your guests wearing the same dress, it’s a great way to build excitement around your wedding, and can start as early as your engagement party. Truthfully, how fun would it be to get a dress code in your engagement party invite (and yes, we’ll admit, fun for some is extra annoying to a lot of others)? Bet Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner didn’t do that…

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ bride-to-be already has us dreaming about the suits her bridesmaids will be wearing on the big day …. Stay tuned for a follow up roundup of the tightest jumpsuits for your crew. But until then, we’ll just give you our reasons why having a dress code is a totally fetch idea for a wedding:

And if you have one coming up - peruse through some stylish dresses for a fall wedding. There are some ridic red ones in here!

you can guarantee no one steals your thunder

By now, most guests should get the picture about avoiding wearing white for someone else’s wedding. Just don’t do it. But if you squad is a little slow on the uptake, then issuing a dress code (and making your wishes known early on, to inspire early adoption) might be the smartest way to go. They wear red, you wear white. It’s binary and non-negotiable.

you can make your wedding party stand out

If you’re protecting yourself from guests wearing white, you can do the same for your entourage. Whatever you choose for their wedding ensem, make sure your guests won’t be competing with their colors. We’re not sure if Cardi’s cohorts will be rocking red suits, but wearing something as alternative as suits for the wedding day should be left to stand out, not overlooked.

you can ensure the pictures will be so on point

Having a dress code for your wedding, is one of the first and most effective ways to fine-tune your aesthetic. Color palettes are everything to creating a vibe. So, if all your guests are dressed in their best red (or blue, or black, or grey, or sage, etc.), the collective captures of everyone on the dance floor, mixing with people at the bar, toasting the bride and groom will be so cohesive and artistic, to be honest!

Want to go even more next-level? Encourage guests to go with ‘shades of’ your color. The blends of color will produce amazing color stories, and the looks will translate into stunning photos!

you can set standards for the next all-white dress party

White wear parties, often cocktail and dinner party style can be the GOATs, and the chicness and exclusivity certainly transcends into weddings. Being invited to a wedding with a definitive dress code kind of feels like the invitation to a white party, it’s a total VIP experience. And Ms. Cardi B might just be starting a new trend with her red party.

you can make the color part of the day

From red sangrias and Manhattans to foods in the signature color and decor+details that share the palette, the ambiance can totally match the dress code and add to the story of your day. Beyond the photos, your videos (if you have videographers for the day) will look so sick! Try to scout a venue, too, that will lend itself well to your choices of color. A coastal locale for a blue or green dress code or a secret speakeasy for a red or all-black affair.

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