Canoe Fall In Love With Me Engagement Shoot


Falling in love in a canoe

You know that feeling when you are in love and nothing in the world can touch you? This is the exact emotion Nick and Kerra's sweet Fall canoe engagement shoot gives us. Not only is this beautiful lake straight out of a Nicolas Sparks film, but this adorable couple paddling around on it could not be any more in love! 

Keep scrolling to find a few engagement photo ideas you are definitely going to want to pin! Oh and don't miss out on a single sweet moment from this beautiful shoot, we have all of Heather Skye's photos just waiting for you in our full gallery!

sweet engagement photo ideas for the fall

engagement photo ideadancing in the fall forest

sweet engagement photos ideas

From Heather Skye Photography

When Kerra contacted me to take her engagement photos, she expressed that she wanted the photos to be unique and for them to capture the love and passion between she and her fiance, Nick. Kerra was the ideal bride-to-be for a photographer to work with because she knew she wanted to go outside of the box, wanted to have fun, and wanted her photos to be elegant-- which is all I could dream for conducting a session myself. 

We decided to take a romantic canoe ride at our local desolate lake. Kerra showed up looking like a fairy princess with her flowy cotton dress and lush flower crown from the local florist, Arnold's Flower Shop. I managed to get myself wading in the water up to my thighs while wearing jeans to get some of these shots and it was so worth it. 

Kerra and Nick were high school sweethearts. They've been together for four years now and are getting married in July of 2019. Kerra grew up as a dancer and is currently a dance teacher at a local dance studio and Nick also happened to have family who was connected to Kerra's studio growing up. Leading up to the start of their relationship, Nick used to come to dance competitions to support his family and ended up taking an interested in Kerra as he watched her demonstrate her grace on stage. You might notice we incorporated a few shots of a moment I had them dancing together as Nick adoringly watched Kerra as he spun her around gracefully.

engagement kiss

engagement ideas on in a canoe

a couple in love in a canoecanoe kissa canoe and an engagement ring

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sweet canoe engagement photo idea

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