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Camera Ready in a Flash by Poetry Booths

What really stands out on camera? Is it the shiny sparkling tops, a pop of green, is black really a "no no"? According to Modern Mom's April Sanders we agree with her 4 options for looking your best in our photo booth in a flash!

Solid ColorsGo for something subtle and not as busy with a bright color that expresses who you are! Avoid patterns and prints, Sanders says a solid color is "restful on the eye".
Try this eco-green T-shirt, you can show off your personality but what is even brighter is your smile!

Camera Ready in a Flash by Poetry Booths

Heading to a fab event and need the perfect top?

Sequins are always an option!Go for something that shines on your skin tone. "Teals and Greens are friendly", so Poetry chose this sparkly lil' get up to fit our style. Other bold hues are deep red, plum, gold, royal blue, bright yellow, and dark teal.

Camera Ready in a Flash by Poetry Booths

Keep it Neutral.Like the table of elements keep your outfit selection in between. So instead of uber neons and blacks, keep your choice in the middle of the color scale. We LOVE this top it's a little bit of everything! Remember, although black is slimming it can make you look like a "dark hole" in the camera abyss.Camera Ready in a Flash by Poetry Booths

Spring is in the air!With winter almost gone, try a softer pastel if you hop into our photo booth for the upcoming season! Pastels are a top palette for your mini photo shoot!Camera Ready in a Flash by Poetry Booths

Now it's your wedding day, is WHITE ok?

Camera Ready in a Flash by Poetry Booths

The great thing about Poetry Booths, we have two printing options. Black and White or Color! We say do both and see which one works best for You. Since we like to break the rules of traditional camera etiquette, we say wear a hat, some sunglasses and your wedding dress, because no matter what we will make sure you express your emotions on your special day NO matter what!

Interested in reserving your spot for 2012 with Poetry?Hurry and book today, we have only a few slots left and would be much obliged to be at your next birthday, wedding or event. We are available throughout Southern California and our team is available any day to speak with you! Simply contact us today.
That's a flash!
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