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Caffeine Fiends Listen Up: Central Perk Could Be Real Soon


Central Perk Coffee Shops Might Be Happening IRLPhoto:

Have we ever truly been ‘on a break’ with FRIENDS? I watched the last episode when I was in high school, and I still can’t cut ties with this show. Whenever I’m not working or running after my baby, and can sit for 5 minutes to watch something on TV, I Netflix and chill solo with Joey, Chandler and Phoebs in the background. I’ve done it since college, do it now, and don’t anticipate being able to stop screening in the future. I just re-watched (probs for the 75th time) the one where they all turned thirty and the plotline was pretttttty on point for my life. Hubby turned 30 today, and I’ll be doing the same in May.

This ep even got into some of those heavy what to discuss before getting married moments.

Central Perk will always be my favorite sitcom meeting place, and I mourned not being able to pop into the CP pop up when it happened in NYC in September ‘14 (was getting married that month, honeymooning soon after, and probably wouldn’t have been able to stand the crazy lines anyway). But news just started percolating the other day that Warner Bros. trademarked the name and likeness of the fictitious FRIENDS-loved coffee shop. For what exactly? We still don’t know… but any coffee connoisseur and FRIENDS fan has to be freaking out over the possibility of Central Perk brewing in their neighborhood sometime soon.

Central Perk Could Be Happening IRL Photo:

I am. It’d be kind of nice to give my money to places other than Starbucks and Dunkin, to be honest.

Anyway, according to The Blast, court documents show that Warner Bros. was granted a trademark not only for the name “Central Perk,” but also its logo, for potential use with “Coffee shop and café services; coffee bars; tea bars; snack bars.” There are also reports that the studio requested rights to use the name on other products such as toys, board games, and slot machines, but those are still pending.

Dutch-speaking, bleached-hair baristas might not have a place to call home yet, but we’re crossing our fingers and toes, singing ‘Smelly Cat’ and starting to think about ALL the muffins we’ll order well in advance, just in case CP is greenlit for reals!

We never really knew what the cast was sipping out of those oversized ceramic mugs, but Joey haddddd to have been a hot cocoa critic.

We can totttttallly see these java joints becoming lowkey wedding locales for so many latte-loving couples - if Rachel can end up there in a wedding dress, so can you 😉.

Central Perk Could Be Happening IRL Photo:

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