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Cabo Is King For Wedding Destinations And It Isn't Hard To See Why

Cabo Is King For Wedding Destinations And It Isn't Hard To See Why

Jessica and John are seriously just too cute and we can't get enough of their phenomenal Cabo wedding! The ocean views combined with oodles upon oodles of stunning floral arrangements create a one way ticket to our happy place. As if that wasn't enough they were also graced with a breathtaking sunset over the water that made for some phenomenal photos from Ana & Jerome Photography.

We were also lucky enough to get the story of how the bride and groom met and fell in love. While Jessica took awhile to convince, John knew early on that they were meant to be. Read all about it below and afterwards check out even more of this wedding in the full gallery.

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It Was Definitely Not Love At First Sight

From the bride: It was a beautiful summer morning in Seattle, Washington in May of 2009. Jessica was a bright eyed, ambitious intern on her first day of work in the finance department at Microsoft. Always the professional, Jessica was wearing her standard blouse and cardigan combo and was ready to tackle the workday at 8AM (after completing her 6AM workout and finishing her oatmeal and apple). Around 10AM John slowly rolled into the office- he had just arrived back from an impromptu trip to Boston, and the weekend's festivities were still showing their effects. With bags under his eyes, a wicked headache, and an old college t-shirt on he sauntered over to meet the new intern on the team. Jess had been told by her manager that she would be working closely with John and should really look to him for advice as he had been very successful in his first year at Microsoft. She was not impressed. Over the course of the next few months, John was able to make up for his first impression and he and Jessica became good friends. At the end of the summer, Jessica went back to Ann Arbor for her senior year at Michigan and she and John stayed in touch.

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They Became Friends, And Then He Got Friend Zoned

John went to Michigan twice that year to visit Jessica and enjoy Ann Arbor and Football Saturdays, and Jessica made it back to Seattle for a weekend as well. Jessica impressed him with her flip cup skills and introduced John to the best of Ann Arbor including: Rick's dance floor and Mind Probes, Zingermann's Sandwiches, Sangria at Dominick's, and late night at Pizza house. John fell for it hook, line and sinker. Needless to say, by the time Jessica made it back to Seattle to start work at Microsoft full time the following summer- John was ready to get out of the friend zone. Jessica hadn't finished unpacking before Rico Suave'..err.. John made his first move and suggested that they start dating. But Jessica wasn't feeling it... At all. Jessica was insistent that she didn't want to make things awkward at work, and didn't want to risk losing one of her only friends in Seattle, and would not be dating John in the foreseeable future . It was looking like John was facing a permanent banishment to the friend zone.

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It Took 8 Months But He Finally Got A Yes!

John saw her unwavering and unequivocal 'no' as merely a minor setback. John let Jessica know that he understood her momentary apprehension, but made clear that they would be dating at some point. Jessica laughed and said 'we'll see about that'. Clearly she underestimated John's persistence and persuasiveness. For the next eight months, John kept up the chase while Jess kept him in the friend zone. Along the way, through a bailing out of jail, a pity outing to a Mariners game, countless cooked dinners and brunches, and several margaritas at Pesos, Jess began to come around to the idea of dating John. Finally in February, 2011, on a trip to Vancouver for a Blackhawks and Canucks game, Jessica let John know he had graduated out of the friend zone and she would in fact date him. And the rest, as they say, is history. Over the past five years, John and Jessica have become each other's best friends as they have traveled the world together, become a part of each other's families, and have weathered the ups and downs of long-distance, job changes, and major surgeries and recoveries. Jessica and John can't wait to celebrate and start the next chapter of their lives surrounded by their closest friends and family.

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The Storm Cleared, It Was Meant To Be

I honestly wouldn't change anything. My biggest piece of advice is remember what the event is all about - celebrating the couple in marriage. For us this meant really trying not to stress about the event and just enjoy each other as well as friends and family, which I think caused us to love the entire wedding planning process and event. We were planning an outdoor wedding during a time that never rains. Unfortunately there was a huge storm that was forecasted to hit, though, which was the only thing I was worried about. Thankfully the storm ended up hitting in the morning, and we were able to have the wedding celebration outside. However, I recommend having the rain plan figured out so that you don't have to worry if the weather changes (luckily for us, our amazing wedding planner had this all figured out for us).

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