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Bright ideas for a Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Invitations -- Multi Stripes

This bridal shower for my cousin was one of the simplest, but most colorful parties I’ve ever planned. The theme was decided by our choice of invitations, Pear Tree’s Multi Stripes Bridal Shower Invitations. The fun and bright colors, especially on the back, were so fun to play with, and they became the inspiration for most of our bridal shower ideas. The bride’s favorite colors were lavender and dark purple, so we used those as our primary colors and brought in many other colors from the invitation as accents.
Our original goal was to host this party outside, but weather prevented us from doing so. Still, our garden party in the living room turned out great! (Always good to have a backup plan!)
The plan for the décor was simple: use bright colors everywhere! We utilized lanterns, tissue-paper poms, fresh flowers and vases in many, many colors! We also scattered Pear Tree’s coordinating Multi Stripes Bridal Shower Decorations onto the guest tables and used it to create hanging garland behind our dessert table.



Our dessert table became another bright focal point for the décor. We served cookie dough cake pops and cake, both of which were divine. To dress the table up, we used more Multi Stripes Table Décor right on the table, as well as sewn into a garland hanging behind the table, and we added even more color with some brightly painted bud vases. To dress up our cake we attached purple flowers to the tops of skewers and paper straws—so simple and easy but so adorable! Don’t worry, we did serve food other than dessert. :)



For a game, we adorned the bride-to-be with lots and lots of kitchen gadgets and utensils, made her walk slowly around the room, leave, and the guests needed to then write down every item they could remember that was attached to our bride. It’s a pretty classic bridal shower game but always good for some laughs as people guess the correct names and remember items. The prizes were my favorite part. We decorated bottles of wine with burlap wine bags and adorned them with ribbon and flowers in the bride’s favorite colors. Loved how they turned out!



Overall, another successful party! I loved how the simple multi-colored bridal invitation led to so many bright bridal shower ideas. Decorating was easy when all we had to do was look for bright colors from the invitation. Note to self: let color be your party theme more often!

Bridal Shower Invitations