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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Under $150 That Are Just Perfect


So you've asked your most favorite ladies to be your bridesmaids, and they obviously said yes! But, what now? If you've opted to give out bridesmaids gifts, you're likely to run into one of two problems. You either have no idea what to get the girls or you're on a budget and can't find good gifts within your price range.

I’d say I toyed with several ideas for my squad - starting 6 months before my wedding day? I wanted to make sure there was uniformity in my overall idea, but then I tailored each specific gift to every girl. Jewelry felt right to me, and I had a pretty deliberate request for everyone to wear rose gold, so of course, I wanted to help with the cause. I got everyone a pair of designer earrings, and made sure the styles were all something that they’d wear on my wedding day and beyond. So, it was pavé studs for a few of my ladies, small hoops for my two sisters-in-law, mutli-colored cluster earrings for my sister (who was my MOH), and rose gold hearts for my two youngest cousins (the juniors of the group, but still style savvy).

I also treated my cousins to their pre-wedding mani and pedis, and my sister to a gorgeous minaudiere to match her dress. Shhhh, just don’t tell the rest of the group 😉.

Now that my sister is figuring things out for her own crew (11 maids strong, mind you), she enlisted me for some consulting on her gifts. I won’t say what she got, just in case any of her maids are reading - but they’re very cute. And she has said that my gift isn’t entirely spoiled - there are some surprises in the works too. Yay!!

All this being said, there’s no need to stress over sourcing something special for the girls that will be standing by your side. No one is keeping tabs over how much you’re spending on them (if they are, they should read this story about a bride making her girls PAY to be apart of her bridal party), and they’ll be happy with anything they receive as a thank you. After all, they get to witness you make it official with the love of your life, and that’s really all they signed up for.

We still rounded up a bunch of cute ideas that any friend, sister or mother would love. Just in case you still need a little help. ((THAT’S WHY WE’RE HERE)).

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