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"BRIDE" IDEAS: Lottery Ticket Wedding Favors

I introduced this idea waaay back in 2002 and its popularity has not waned.   $1 scratch-off lottery tickets are guaranteed to be used so it's money well spent.  They won't be left un-scratched on the table at the end of the night and they won't collect dust on someone's curio.

Lottery Ticket Weddings Favors

Place your state lotto ticket into an envelope.  For the detail-oriented, include a penny minted in the year you are to be married.  To find these pennies, you will need to fish through the mountain of loose change you have collected.  The banks cannot do this for you, sadly.  To the envelope, affix a sticker that cleverly reads "LUCKY IN LOVE" alongside your names and wedding date.
Some other fun sayings that I have seen:

* Wishing your RICHES from the new Mr. & Mrs.
* We get HALF!
* Hope our luck rubs off on you!
* With a whole LOTTO love!
* MatriMONEY
* Your love means MILLIONS!
We sell the envelopes and the stickers in a bunch of designs, shapes and colors.  Have fun!