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"BRIDE" IDEAS: Ceremony Programs as Wedding CD Favors

Stretching your hard-earned dollar is important when planning a wedding and even more so in today's economy.  A great do-it-yourself project came to fruition from a previous customer.  She used our Paperboard CD Cases to create homemade wedding ceremony programs that guests could refer to during the ceremony.  She inserted her personal compilation of songs inside each of the cases so the package acted as the wedding favor as well.  2-for-1 !

Wedding Programs that double as Favors

Type up your names and wedding date using your word processing software.  Have a rubber stamp company create a custom rubber stamp using the image you created.
The heart of this project is a scrapbooking technique called hot embossing.  Rubber stamp your image onto the front of the CD case using embossing ink (the package MUST say embossing ink).  Generously sprinkle embossing powder over the image.  Tip the CD case over on its side a bit to let the loose powder spill onto scrap paper below.  Using a hot embossing tool, hover over the powder so that it begins to melt.  After a minute, the powder will melt and create a raised, embossed image.  You can get the hot embossing supplies at your local crafts store.
Layout and word your ceremony program using your favorite word processing software.  Print it out on nice paper.  I must admit, this part is trial-and-error.  Getting the ceremony program to print just right on an 8-1/2 x 11 regular paper and then trimming it down to size to fit inside the case will take several tries.  Poke holes into the spine of the case and the paper.  Adhere the small circle eyelets using an eyelet setter.  Thread a colorful ribbon through the holes to bind the paper to the case.  You can check out our full DIY instructional how-to video on our site at the following link:  Ceremony Programs that double as CD Wedding Favors.
I suggest you start early with this project.  Or enlist your family and friends to churn these puppies out!  They make lovely wedding favors and memento of the time they spent with you!
We sell the Paperboard CD Cases, Wedding Monogram image (if you don't want to create your own), circle eyelets, and the eyelet setter.