Wedding Chicks

Bridal Shower Gift Story


Gift Gather asked Felena from San Diego about the best gift she ever gave. We loved her answer.

“A few of us went out and bought all different kinds of underwear. Must have been about 30 pairs.” At her friend’s bridal shower, Felena and her pals crowded around the bride-to-be, bearing their spectacular gift. They’d tied the thirty pairs of underwear together along a string, stuffing the bundle into a big box with a slit on the top. “She slowly pulled out the underwear in front of a whole group of women,” says Felena, grinning.
First up was “a cute, little lacy kind,” to which Felena attached a note. “This is for when you’re feeling frisky.” Next, a discreet panty: “For when you have a headache.”
Felena and her friends laughed as the bride got further and further into the never-ending string of underwear, like some kinky magician’s trick. “We saved the huge granny ones for last, and it was hilarious. Much more fun than watching somebody open a blender.”
Gift Gather Tip #1: Opening a gift can be fun for everyone.