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Bridal Shorts at the Reception Need to Become a Real Thing

Bridal Shorts at the Reception Need to Become a Real ThingPhoto from:

We’ve been talking lots about Bachelor Nation over the last few weeks, but it’s with good reason, they’ve satisfied all of our summer nuptials needs!! From Jared and Ashley to Rachel and Bryan, Raven and Adam getting engaged to JoJo and Jordan getting re-engaged and Krystal and Chris televising their BIP wedding the other night, love is literally on fire with these reality relationships. In any case, everyone has had beautiful rings, beautiful dresses, gorgeous flowers, gorgeous venues, but one thing we've been thinking evennnn more about is Rachel Lindsay’s change-out ensem for her Cancun wedding this past weekend.

According to Page Six Style, Rachel’s bridal designer, Randi Rahm (who dresses allllll the Bachelorettes on their respective seasons), shared that Rachel originally wanted to wear a pantsuit for her wedding, but ended up falling in love with separates that included a hand-embroidered cap-sleeved top with a low, open back and a frothy tulle skirt - we love our separates, so when we saw the first pics, we were stoked. Knowing her brides and celeb clients, though, Randi knew Rachel would welcome the opportunity to live out her suited-up dreams for the big day, so [in alluding to the reception] she told her to “Take the skirt off and you’ll have shorts underneath, so you have your pants.”

Bridal Shorts at the Reception Need to Become a Real ThingPhoto from:

If that’s not inspiring, how’s this…

When Randi described her bride’s vibe to Page Six, here’s what she said:

“I think everyone was expecting her to wear a little bit more hard-edge kind of feeling or look, but she started to cry and that was it…”

If you watch PeopleTV’s video peek, you can see just how boss these wide-legged shorts are, with the same top she said “I Do” in ((LOVEEE the continuity, but the fact that she went a little rogue with the shorts 👌👌👌)). And those studded booties. OMG. Yes.

Why we love shorts (espesh for the reception or after-party)
  1. Comfort. No matter how light and airy your wedding dress is, it still has weight to it. And just like taking off tights at the end of the night, when you can strip out of a dress and into something shorter and more flexible, it’s everything.

  2. Danceability. Rachel was a QUEEN at her wedding - literally owning the dance floor, and we love that. Sure, you can still get down in a gown, but shortening up your look, with something just as stylish works SO well.

  3. Uninterrupted chicness. We get it, brides don’t want to “lose” their bride at any point during the day. But something as sophisticated and posh as these white shorts aren’t without their aisle-style trendiness too. They just allow a bride to switch up her look for the later festivities, show off her shoes, and have another kind of fun for the day.

Something tells us shorts are going to be huge in 2020… like, we’ve seen it before, in smaller [shorter] strides, but next year it’s going to be a major mood. Rach, you’ve got us thirsty for it, girl. 

Mira’s already on board with this kind of bottom

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