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Bridal Inspo You Need to Stop Everything to See RN

While I’m not quite ready to renew my I Dos, I definitely can’t help but feel a bit of the wedding blues when I think about never being a bride again. And then I remember that I can window shop, and suddenly everything feels right in the world again 😍 😍 😍.

So, in my fleeting fit of Matron of Honor (yep, that’s me for my sister’s wedding) horror, I did a little digging through our Wedding Inspiration archives to remember what it felt like to see something as a soon-to-be bride.

Of course, it’s scary to be someone’s Matron of Honor - for more ways than one - but if supporting my bride-to-be sister means leaning into my MOH HBIC chores, then so be it!

As a disclaimer, I can be a bit basic - I love me some rose gold, couture-looking confections, gourmet doughnuts and champagne, blush and metallic aisle style- so you’ll see a lot of those things, I won’t lie, but they’re all SO. GOOD.

Make sure you check back in to see if any of our dream team vendors are offering any perks, too! Obviously, we’re big fans, so we wouldn’t steer you wrong!

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