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Bridal Beauty Tips From Pronovias



While you have found the perfect gown and picked out the most amazing peep toe pumps, the question still remains how are you going to do do your makeup? Let's be honest, you want to look amazing, and we have a few tips to assist you in your wedding makeup journey.
Thanks to PRONOVIAS and renowned makeup artist Pati Dubroff we have 3 distinct bridal beauty looks, along with tips that every style of bride will want to read. Keep scrolling to read all of Pati Dubroff's makeup tips.

cosmopolitan bride

The Vicenta gown by Pronovias

A rich berry lip and a nude eye with subtle contouring. *makeup tip When Pati says 'subtle' she is referring to something soft and natural looking. She really loves Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit. Pati uses it right after applying the foundation. Be sure to really blend it in order to start creating some dimension. Keep in mind, contouring is not needed everywhere. Below is a how to on how to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit.

cosmopolitan makeup ideas @weddingchicks

Vicenta gown by Pronovias @weddingchicks

The Vicenta: A mermaid wedding dress in crepe with a bateau neckline decorated with gemstone embroidery on the shoulders and a crystal-embroidered square back.

classic bride

classic wedding makeup tips from Pronovias @weddingchicks

This classic bride looks beautiful with bold graphic eyeliner and soft flushed lips and cheeks.*makeup tip be sure to address the waterproof situation. Be sure that you or your makeup artist uses waterproof mascara and waterproof mascara. Pati also highly recommends using a primer to hold your foundation in place. Layering your makeup is essential to keep your makeup on for the duration of your wedding. Cream foundation and powder will ensure your makeup will your best bet.

classic wedding makeup @weddingchicks

Ianira by Pronovias @weddingchicks

The Ianira gown from Pronovias is a classic sleeveless satin A-line dress with full skirt, and a bateau neckline with a plunging round back.

glam bride


Bold graphic eyeliner and soft flushed lips and cheeks make for a beautiful glam bridal makeup look. *makeup tip In order for you makeup to look best in high definition photos try and apply your makeup in natural light. If your makeup looks good her, it is going to look beautiful everywhere. Pati is not found of  special products for high definition photos.



The Vanila Gown is a mermaid wedding dress in crepe. Bateau neckline decorated with gemstone embroidery on the shoulders. Square back embroidered with gemstone embroidery.
Wedding Gowns: Pronovias Makeup: Pati Dubroff Hair : Kai Stamps at Schneider MGMT