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Brent And Madie's Proposal Story



We met while working together at a Golf & Country Club. He was in accounting and I was in event planning. He was hands down the most attractive man there, and he was my secret work crush. We hardly ever spoke except when I needed the company credit card to buy things. (Who knew that's what our future would look like too.) He ended up quitting that job and we didn't speak again until 6 or 7 months later when he randomly added me on Facebook. He started messaging me and texting me and I honestly couldn't believe it. 



How was this handsome, funny guy single? And why did he want to talk to me of all the girls out there? We ended up going on a date to Dave & Buster's, where he beat me at every game and I probably only spoke 2 words the entire night because I was so nervous. Our next two dates consisted of watching Harry Potter, and that's when I knew I wanted to spend all of my time with this guy. 



Fast forward 16 months and we're packing for a trip to Nashville with his family. We had a 3 hour flight and didn't land in Tennessee until after midnight. We hopped in an Uber, headed to our hotel, and finally found our room at 1:30 in the morning. Knowing his parents were inside the room and assuming they were asleep, I turned around to ask Brent if it was ok to knock on the door. But much to my surprise when i turned around Brent had dropped his luggage and was down on one knee. He told me he wanted to be able to celebrate with his family all weekend and asked me to marry him. Honestly I was so shocked and stunned that I didn't even hear him ask so I just stood and stared at him in silence until I realized that I probably should say yes! All I can think about is that if he could look at me at 1:30 in the morning, after traveling for hours, my hair and makeup all messed up, in my t shirt and yoga pants, and decide that it was the perfect moment to ask me to be his wife, then I really must be the luckiest girl in the world. I cannot wait to be his wife.

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