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Brandon + Kelsey | Dancing the Night Away Wedding in Florida

Florida Wedding Videographer

It’s really hard to cram a few thoughts about any wedding into a few paragraphs, but if I have to all I can say is I refused to let the things that went wrong bother me. You spend at least a year planning your wedding and so many people spend the day upset about the things that didn’t happen or went wrong. I spent a year planning my wedding expecting things to go wrong because ultimately I knew the day after I was going to wake up married.

I would never have planned that we wouldn’t be able to set up before the ceremony, that we’d get married in the rain, and least of all, that the Florida humidity would be in full swing while we were taking wedding pictures. But I could not have asked for it any other way.

Brandon and I wanted our reception to feel like a reunion with a wedding ceremony on the side and we got every ounce of that. We wanted BBQ, corn-hole, dancing and cupcakes. We got every single thing we wanted out of our big day. We spent the night dancing with our friends and family and just having a blast. Dancing was a major theme at our wedding: I danced to the Spice Girls with my BFF’s, Brandon and his BFF bro-mancing to DangerZone, or my 6 year old cousin doing Gangnum Style….those are moments to cherish.

We just let the night take us away! We didn’t dwell on the things that went wrong and our memories aren’t tarnished by negativity. Our wedding was perfect because it was simply us, I think about it every single day and I always smile.

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