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Bougainvillea Bouquet

Butterfly Petals bouquet @weddingchicks

Quite possibly the largest bouquet we have ever featured, Butterfly Petals created this lovely bougainvillea bouquet with just three ingredients! Learn more about the recipe for this behemoth bouquet below!

Bouquet Recipe

succulents, bougainvillea and paper flowers From Butterfly Petals This bouquet proved a challenge. I knew I wanted to use the giant succulent; however, it was huge and heavy and I soon had to reinforce the stem with little piece of wood to provide a handle.

Butterfly Petals bouquet @weddingchicks

Then I knew the scale would be off if I tried to tuck a few flowers around it so I grabbed the entire potted bougainvillea bush and turned it into a massive/over-the-top cascade bouquet. I uprooted the entire plant and cleaned the stem of dirt and soil before attaching it to my giant succulent and wrapping in ribbon.
The paper flowers were the last thing added. (Find a step by step tutorial on how paper dahlias here) The bouquet was heavy and the model was so tiny but I loved the end result.

DIY Paper Dahlia @weddingchicks

Flowers: Butterfly Petal

Photography: Jasmine Star