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Beverly Hills Backyard Wedding


Adrienne Gunde Photography

After two whole years of planning, this beautiful backyard wedding was definitely a party just waiting to happen! Although Kristen and Tristan lived in both Chicago and New Orleans during the time they spent planning their big day, they knew they wanted to tie the knot in their home state of California. They lucked out when a family member offered to host their wedding at their brand new home in Beverly Hills!
Heather of LVL Weddings & Events helped turn their California dream wedding into a reality using chic modern decor along with bright summery hues. You can view so much more of this Beverly Hills backyard wedding in the full gallery here, all beautifully captured by Adrienne Gunde Photography.

bright bridesmaid bouquets

blue bridesmaid dresses

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white and succulent wedding bouquet by the vine’s leaf

From Heather of LVL Weddings & Events:When they were first engaged, Tristan’s family, who were building a beautiful home in Beverly Hills, offered to host the wedding in the new place. Over the course of planning, construction ran behind as it often does and in the final weeks before the wedding, we found ourselves planning a wedding on a construction site! Thanks to an incredible vendor team and family, the day came together more beautifully than they imaged.From the Bride:I rented my wedding dress from One Night Affair in Los Angeles. It was the one area I could save a bit of money on and holding onto my dress wasn't that critical. They tailored it to me and cleaned it up for me to pick up a few days before the wedding.

summery bridesmaid bouquets by The Vine's Leaf

gray suit with blue tie groomsmen looks

succulent boutonniere

From Adrienne Gunde Photography:This wedding and the photos you see below, are exactly why I recommend doing a first look. Logistics and timelines aside, these moments like the ones you see below alone are worth the decision. To be able to hold each other, and laugh through happy tears, and have a quiet moment just to savor the day together, is such an amazing thing.

backyard wedding first look

From the Bride:Our vision was a classic, fun California Summer Beverly Hills wedding. I wanted to do something bright, playful, with a mix of rustic and modern touches. I wanted it to seem a bit mid-century modern Beverly Hills, too. I wanted people to feel immediately comfortable and happy when looking at the decor. My husband and I had been together for such a long time that all of our guests essentially knew one another, so I wanted to promote mingling whenever I could. That's how we designed the general flow of the ceremony and feel.

The colors were like nothing I've ever really seen and it gave off this energy that reminded me of Miami/Los Angeles in the summer. With the help of all my incredible vendors, I was able to incorporate what I thought were disjunctive ideas into a cohesive vision that complemented not only the space, but my husband and me us as a couple.

backyard wedding ceremony

ceremony floral arrangements

beverly hills backyard wedding ceremony

california backyard wedding ceremony

Adrienne Gunde Photography

In terms of things I would have done different, there really aren't many. I'm sure many brides say this but I would have slowed the day down. I would have taken notice of all the little things I spent so much time putting together, building, staining, designing, etc. I would have appreciated the guest table more, I would have eaten every appetizer we put out, I would have looked closer at all the flowers on the tables, I would have taken a close look at the cake. I felt like the day was such a whirl that I would have liked to have a snap shot of all these different little things in my mind!Rather than asking their guests to sign a book, Kristen and Tristan had their guests jot their well wishes on paper tags then attach them to a framed map of the United States using push pins. They added a personal touch by incorporating photos from the different places they lived. What a cute idea!

backyard wedding gift and guestbook table

insta wedding sign

map guest book ideas

orange and blue wedding decorations

cocktail hour

I would have taken more time doing family pictures, as well. We were all rushing to get people in and out of the frames and the right combination of family members that I feel like they weren't staged properly. Everyone around doesn't mind if you take a few extra seconds to get your bearings and get people in their right places. I was too conscious of just trying to get them done. Along the same lines, we didn't have a moment to give a thank you speech, which I would have liked to do. The group was really just so eager to dance that there never seemed to be a good time - although we could have made for one.

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fruit escort card ideas

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Tip for brides planning now: Get a wedding planner. Not only did Heather make the day go off without a hitch but she thought of things that I didn't even think about which were critical to the event (power, set up logistics, delivery of the cake up a hairpin turn in the road!). She also recommended vendors which I could have never found on my own, were in my price point, matched our personality and exceeded every expectation I had. I planned my wedding remotely and during my first year of law school, so she was an absolute God-send in planning and coordinating it all.

beverly hills backyard wedding reception

simple white wedding cake by vanilla bake shop

wedding lounge on back deck

backyard wedding lighting ideas

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