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Betch Please, This New Betchlorette Collection is Everything

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Not for the easily offended, the new Betches betchelorette collection features unique and edgy clothing, accessories, home decor and more for the coolest bride-to-be and her squad. From hats to tanks, they have everything you need to deck you and your ladies out in some cute and hilarious apparel. 

But wait, make it personal. Customized tees and tanks are also available so you can show off your future last name is style. Want more? Bring your party to the next level with their brand new concierge VIP service so you can plan the betchiest party ever. Keep scrolling to learn more, plus shop their collection here

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Plan the ultimate betchelorette bash

A fully tailored experience for the Betch who wants it all. Have your Betchelorette party personally styled by the professionals. Their VIP service will work with you to create custom tanks and tees from their online boutique, Snapchat geofilters plus the perfect hashtag for a one stop shopping experience for those looking to plan the perfect weekend celebrating the bride-to-be. The level of customization can vary based on budget but it is sure to provide the ultimate necessities for the betchiest bachelorette. For more info, e-mail them at

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Ready to party tank


We had the chance to interview CEO and Co-Founder, Aleen Kuperman:

1. We've been fans of the Betches Instagram for as long as we can remember! How did Betches start? 
We started Betches in college as a fun anonymous blog. We wrote what we observed in a super satirical and self deprecating way. It also arose in response to the rise of the "bro" culture where it was cool to be absurd or an asshole. The only words women had to describe each other were bitch but no one likes to be called a bitch - well some do but that's their thing - so we made one!

2. The Betches memes are so funny and so relatable. Where do you get your inspiration from for your posts?
Thank you! Besides pop culture, our main inspiration is our audience. We're a female founded company led by women it's no coincidence our main audience is comprised of female millennials. We stick to writing what we know.

3. The Betchlorette collection is everything. All the items in your shop are super cute, but what made you start the Betchlorette collection?
Everything out there is just so corny or covered in blow up penises. For the girl who isn't the the DIY Pinterest "nice girl" there's nothing available for the girl who doesn't take herself too seriously or wants to drink out of a phallic straw. And on top of that, your friend gets engaged and then suddenly you have to plan an entirely branded trip. Like, you're not the one who's engaged why do you have to do it?! So we wanted to create a service where we can just do it for you, and not only will the tanks, hats, totes, robes, bathing suits, basically ANYTHING that you order look good, but they'll also be so funny. We could even come up with your party hashtag and design Snapchat geofilters. You're welcome. 

4. Since we're talking about your Betchlorette line, can you tell us what your dream Bachelorette party would be for yourself?
Getting tan and drunk by a pool. And obviously decking all of my friends out in Shop Betches!

Want more? Check out our Facebook LIVE video here and see all the cute gear they sent us to try! Spoiler alert, we loved it all!

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