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Best Barn Wedding Ever


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When the love for a venue trumps the need for convenience it's bound to be a fabulous event! Lis and Josh's best barn wedding ever was filled with romantic details beautiful blooms and wrapped up in their dream location!
To see more of this heart warming wedding day you can visit the full gallery here. Photographed by Studio 29 Photography

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Did I Pick The Right Dress?!

The week before the wedding I had panicked that I chose the wrong dress! There are so many amazing dresses out there and so many that could work that it can be very overwhelming.

I had to just breathe and know that I selected my dress back then for a reason and that it would ultimately be perfect and on our wedding day I truly felt that it was.

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A Venue Worth Traveling For

I had secretly been doing research online for Wisconsin Weddings prior to becoming engaged and came across the most beautiful place I had ever seen, The Enchanted Barn. However, when I looked up the location, my heart sank. It was over 4 hours away in northern Wisconsin and logistically I felt it was much too far.

One night Josh called me out into the living room where he told me that he had found the most amazing barn venue and that it looked perfect for us, the Enchanted Barn. I told him I was reluctant due to the distance, to which he quickly replied, "Who cares?! If we love it we should do it.The people who love us and want to be there for us will come."

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Barn Yard Elegance

From the start, we both wanted to be sure that no one would mistake this for a jeans and cowboy boots wedding just because of the location. We loved the Barn for its gorgeously simple backdrop which allowed us to add our own touches to make it personally ours.

I took inspiration from my everyday love of soft neutrals and golds. We wove these colors into everything from the invitations, flowers, table-scapes and overall décor.

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Guest Book Defined

Our guest book was a dictionary used by my Dad during his first teaching job. It meant a lot to us to have our guests select words that described Josh and me as a couple in there.

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Eat More Then You Drink

We spent so much time welcoming everyone that we each only had one of our appetizers, which we ended up sharing. We never even tried the other two which we spent so much time selecting!

We also agreed that we would only drink a little during dinner as well as the reception. We were very much in tune with everything that was going on around us and we have so many wonderful clear memories because of it!

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To get a closer look at this best barn wedding ever check out the wedding film Mann Frau created below!

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