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Bella Belle Shoes’ New Edelweiss Collection Is Out and Gorgeous


Bella Belle Shoes’ New Edelweiss Collection Is Out and GorgeousPhoto Credit:

It’s probably been a good, I don’t know, six or seven years since I’ve sat down to watch The Sound of Music - but only because I can’t just watch it through once. This is a twice, maybe three times in a row kind of repeat screening sesh for me, and with a 2-year-old at home, who’d muchhh rather listen to Disney over vintage Julie Andrews, it’s tough. That being said, Bella Belle Shoes, the experts in special occasion shoes, completely blew my mind 🤯🤯🤯 with their brand-new Edelweiss Collection - so much so that I can’t get these images out of my head no matter how hard I try. And honestly, I’m not trying all that much, because they’re so gosh darn pretty. Whether you consider yourself a modern Maria von Trapp or not, these looks will entrance you. They’re kind of everything you need for your wedding day.

The inspiration, in case you’ve forgotten those iconic lyrics.

Bella Belle Shoes’ New Edelweiss Collection Is Out and GorgeousShoe:

Let’s be real for a second, wedding professionals are the besttt at working together. You take a shoe boss like Bella Belle, a new collection of foot couture that is absolutely breathtaking, and a sampling of some of the most profoundly-talented wedding pros in the world, have them collaborate and then photograph it all. What you end up with is pure genius. And that’s exactly what happened during the Edelweiss editorial shoot. Going all in with the Edelweiss theme, the pictorial evokes quiet beauty and strength of a mountain inspired by this namesake flower. Legend has it that if a loved one gives you this white flower, he/she is professing his/her devotion and everlasting love. Sooo, the ‘I Do’ crew depicted this idea of ‘everlasting love’ by juxtaposing a graceful, aging venue (symbolizing time has passed) with fresh fashion (symbolizing devotion is timeless).

Yes, we loved the wedding gowns, but check out those shoes!!!

Give us a flower, but make it fashion.

This is exactly how we can sum up the shoot, and if you’re a bride, really, how could you not want to be compared to a strong, willful, beautiful mountain flower? Isn’t that everything modern, boho dreamers want for their wedding day? We think so!

Bella Belle Shoes’ New Edelweiss Collection Is Out and GorgeousShoe:

It’s amazing to see how a range of shoes could motivate this group of gifted individuals - especially when they live in a world of constant, ever-inspiring wedding mystique day in and day out. But Laura Gordon, the photographer, and Joy Proctor, the designer, brought the Edelweiss essence to life in the most incredible, trend-forward, yet nostalgic and beautiful way.

Here were their hopes, and yah, they nailed them.

“Learning the meaning and inspiration behind “Edelweiss,” I really wanted to delve into the symbolism of this rare flower and fully interpret this mood throughout the imagery. I knew the images needed to be compelling, yet soft. I decided to portray this message by playing with the light. I made my focus of finding light in the darkness, playing with shadows, and reflection. I paired powerful poses and painterly light to encompass the feeling of nostalgia and eminence inspired by the Edelweiss flower.” ~ Laura Gordon, Photographer.

Bella Belle Shoes’ New Edelweiss Collection Is Out and Gorgeous

“I had the pleasure of interpreting Edelweiss, the rare flower blooming in the Alps, by paying homage to dedication and fidelity. To create a visual representation of devotion, I dreamed up an aged building overtaken with flowers to create a meadow in which to shoot our models. For this shot, I turned the veil up to create a crownlike effect; the presence and beauty of a woman who is strong.” ~ Joy Proctor, Designer.

And the shoes, well, they just grounded everything.

“We dreamed up a shoe collection that conveys devotion and everlasting love. The stunning embroidered shoes showcase our devotion to creating shoes that are true works of art. The collection also features everlasting elements such as timeless pearls and lace. Finally, the white flower buds adorning the collection depicts the namesake flower.” ~ Bella Belle Shoes, Shoe Designer.

Bella Belle Shoes’ New Edelweiss Collection Is Out and GorgeousShoe:

We love the shoes, because they’re delicate, feminine, stylish, and way-ahead-of-the-curve (there aren’t only heels, there are kitten heels, wedges, and flats, versatility FTW), but at the same time, they honor classic aisle aesthetics - lace, pearls, tulle, embroidery, etc.

I’d say I’m partial to the open-toe, lace-up booties (Angelina), because #ballerbride, but I’ve also gone back to the Valentina, because the hand pleated tulle and the tie straps around her ankles make my mind go directly to a dance studio and think ballerina bride - in the strongest, fiercest way possible.

Bella Belle Shoes’ New Edelweiss Collection Is Out and Gorgeous

The shoes are everything we’ve come to expect from Bella Belle, but they also give us something that was totally unexpected. Many of the shoe styles - like the Bridget, the Kate (left to right, respectively), and the Viola all have an amazing youthfulness, playfulness, rebelliousness, and risk-taking allure to them that just reminds me of Liesl. So, even if you’re a 20 or 30-something bride, you can still feel like you’re “sixteen going on seventeen….” Sorry, we couldn’t talk TSOM without a Liesl reference #sheisallofus.

Bella Belle Shoes’ New Edelweiss Collection Is Out and GorgeousBella Belle Shoes’ New Edelweiss Collection Is Out and Gorgeous

Bella Belle Shoes’ New Edelweiss Collection Is Out and GorgeousShoe:

Now that we’ve officially transported you to Austria, it’s time to come back, get back to wedding planning, and knock those bridal shoes off your need-it-now list. You know where to go 👉 shop the Edelweiss Collection!

Live in New York or Los Angeles? Well, lucky you!!

Want to try on these gorgeous shoes and meet the designers in person? If you're based in New York or Los Angeles, you can! Bella Belle will be at the Bloomingdales Flagship NYC on April 25-28 and Bloomingdales South Coast Plaza in LA on May 30 - June 2. Experience the craftsmanship and comfort that make Bella Belle the hottest wedding shoe brand!

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We partnered with Bella Belle Shoes to share the details on a brand-new collection of heavenly-sent flats and heels every bride will want to know about. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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