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Behind the Music


TreJa Vu meets at one of our designated rehearsal venues, such as SER rehearsal studio in Arizona. This is the time we rehearse any special songs our clients have requested for upcoming shows or review songs that are in our 300+ repertoire. We also work on the flow of our sets that are customized and specifically composed for every client's event to provide maximum impact and energy.

As a successful project manager I value planning and having a method for making things work, so does everyone at TJV. Mel Brown is one of the most sought Musical Directors in Arizona because his methodology is consistent and it WORKS! The key word here is...methodology. This requires attention to details and lots of organization. Rehearsals usually work this way. The music is coordinated with the client and song selections are provided to all musicians and singers in digital and analog format. The rhythm section and horn section each have their rehearsal times to deliver great, authentic music while the vocalists focus on harmony, blend, and presentation, and then we combine for an efficient, full band, show-style rehearsal.
During rehearsals, we constantly explore ways to keep things fresh and new, especially for all of our repeat clients. Each of our musicians and singers bring a load of experience and their own amazing personalities to give our performances dimension with pizzaz! Since TJV can expand from a 4-piece to a 12-piece, the changes really open up the possibilities for song choices, energy, and feel so we deliver the vibe our clients want and need for their specific event.

What does this mean for you?
It means that you have a group of professionals that care about the service we deliver for your event. It means your event is special, unique, and won't be approached in cookie-cutter style. It also means each and every show we do is important. Whether it’s an intimate wedding for 100 people, a gala for 5,000 people, or super festival for 15,000, we provide the same care and preparation.

We have the best job in the world, bringing music to celebrations around the world. We have a blast and we are relentlessly serious about it.
Keep up the practice and planning and hope to see you soon!